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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry guys for the lack of posts, lately parang wala ako sa mood to write. Naiinis ako sa buhok ko eh. Ang pangit na! I need to have it rebonded again.  I wish I have time. Tapos eto pa, just when I’m starting to get serious with my (again!!!) “no rice” dinner, that’s where naman temptation comes in. Uurgh!

After months of convincing myself na hindi masarap ang rice (weeeh?!?), I finally forgo of it from my dinner starting last Tuesday night. Oo last Tuesday lang and guess what? Come Wednesday night, rice festival na naman ang drama ko. Hay rice! Why do we have this unending love and hate relationship?! Layuan mo na ako, please lang! Sobrang lusog ko na, anoveh!

Eh mapilit talaga, wala akong nagawa chos!

Last night, together with my mommy, hubby & Mimay, we had dinner in a new Filipino restaurant near our area. The place is called Tambayan Restaurant. Very laid back ambiance with wooden tables and chairs, videoke, condiments in the center table, get the picture?

Naynay ordered her walang kamatayang bulalo. Infairness, masarap. And the beef is very tender. 1 order is AED 27 (P324). She also had tapsilog, for AED 15 (P180) with a very generous serving of tapa.

Poy also ordered for tapsilog while I had bangusilog at AED 15 also. For drinks, we tried their mixed fruit juice for AED 7 (P84) each.

Side kwento. After hubby ordered for tapsilog, he requested something to the waiter.
Poy: Ahm excuse, pwede ba paltan ng garlic rice yung rice sa tapsilog ko?
Waiter: Same lang po yun nung rice sa tapsilog sir.
Poy: Hindi, ayoko ng plain rice.
Nani: Bi yun na nga yun, sinangag/garlic rice kasama nung tapa mo. Tapsilog nga eh db??
Poy: Ay! (nagisip pa) Sabi ko nga =)

Kwela talaga tong asawa ko! Haha!

And we had a blissful dinner especially with our comic Mimay around. It’s good that we didn’t expect so much about the food there, we just had to eat out because we don’t have something na pala in our fridge for dinner hehe. But what’s good with it, is that we discovered that Tambayan serves good tasting food.

There goes my diet…

And so, I promise myself, this will be the last I’ll have rice for dinner on a weekday. Promiseeesssss!

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  1. Masarap talaga kumain ng kanin! Ako din may love and hate relationship kami ng rice. lol! Di ko matiis di mag rice pag masarap ang ulam e nagbabawas ako ng timbang. Hirap talaga!