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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I think I’m starting to love Indian foods. At first I was super gross at the taste of it, but now hinahanap hanap ko na sya! But still not those kind na curry level with putok-y smell ha? Come I’ll show you my current faves which I usually order in our pantry every breakfast.

This is Vada Pav. The Indian version of burger. It’s a vegetarian dish which consists of spicy potato mixture coated in flour and deep fried. It is slid in a burger bun and garnished with fresh onion, lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, etc.  What makes it more interesting is the sauce that comes with the burger. This green sauce is called chutney. According to our pantry cook, chutney is made of mint leaves, coriander, ginger, garlic and lots of green chilies.  Crunchy, tasty patty in a soft bun dip in a spicy sauce makes me drool!

Next is Bread Pakoda. It’s almost the same like the Vada Pav. Made of potato and other veggies mashed and stuffed in bread, then dip in a batter mixture and deep fried. Best also with chutney and catsup. Hmmm I want one!

Vegetable Manchurian is also one of my favorites. Parang okoy in Pinas but spicy version lang. I think it’s a combination of Indian-Chinese cuisine. It’s made of mixed vegetables formed into dumplings and deep fried. Goes best with sweet chili sauce.
photo from net

Last is my current discovery, Cabbage Sabzi paired with hot chapati. Sabzi is like ginisang repolyo with Indian spices. While chapati is a soft, flat Indian bread. Perfect together!
photo from net

Nagugutom tuloy ako eh! =)

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