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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I mean the movie. Have you guys seen the movie Tangled?

Okay, now throw back that question to me and you’ll get this – “hundred times! No. Actually it’s countless!”

The first time I watched Tangled was a year ago. I wasn’t too much focused on it because while it was being showned, there was a birthday dinner going on at the same time in our flat. So I decided to watch it again after. And I had fun, so much fun of the movie. It became my favorite cartoon film since then.

Then months back, Mimay was able to watch the film also. She was glued on TV the whole time and it became her favorite too. Rapunzel’s magical golden hair makes Mimay’s jaw drop. She was mesmerized and delighted by everything in the film. I was very happy too, because Mimay watching Tangled means PEACE. There will be no running after our Mimay. In short, tahimik ang mundo.

But after watching it with her for countless times, things are becoming very crazy now! You see, we can’t watch anything except for Tangled. Tangled in our TV for like 3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week, is super annoying!

I can already see Rapunzel in my dreams.  Sigh!


  1. hi mamee nani!

    i just have to say.. i loooooooove the new header! ^_^

  2. i know you'll love it sis! u love red too, i know =)