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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today, despite of my severe body pain due to xbox addiction, I woke up feeling very excited as today will be the launching of my new blog header, my FINAL (read: F.I.N.A.L) blog header. Yey!

Sorry, may launching level talaga haha!

If I am not mistaken, I think I have changed my title header for 3 times already. First, Confessions of a Spoiled Wife and a Proud Mom. Ang haba. I thought of something shorter and then I came up with Happy Wifey cum Mommy. Then after sometime, I thought parang di ko din masyado sya type so I changed to Happy Wifey Happy Mamee. At dahil nuknukan ako ng arte, I still am not satisfied with it. Ewan ko ba. I feel that one day I’ll be changing again my title header to something I perfectly like. And you know what, that day has finally come =)

Dear readers (feeling meron talaga!), I would like to present to you my new title header which I promise not to change anymore! Hahaha!! Wag kayo malilito please! Eto na talaga to, no more changing =)

Welcome to: -mamee wifey babblings-

Credits to our dearest friend (youknowwhoyouare,labu!) for the photo in my new blog header! Actually, she took so many beautiful shots that confuse me which one to use. Maybe in the coming days, I’ll try to infuse some of these photos in my template background as well.

Kayo which photo do you like best?


  1. love your new header sis,sosyal and bongga plus red is love.among your previous title header, this is the best! :)

  2. lovely new header! the 4th photo is cuteness!

  3. @mommy jo: thanks thanks! red is love talaga :)

    @lootwagon: thanks so much! i'm so thrilled to know that ur reading my blog! u made my day mommy aimee =)