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Monday, October 3, 2011


Thanks to my beloved sister for commenting in my blog entry about Mimay’s first out of town trips. I stand corrected. Baguio and Batangas were not the first out of town trips of our dearest Mimay. But it was in the beautiful place of Sagada! Juday-Piolo movie remember that? =)

Sagada is a peaceful village located in the Mountain Province, roughly 14 hour trip from Laguna, which is famous for their cold weather, caves, hanging coffins, mountains and lemon meringue pie! The view down the valley will make you utter countless ooohhhs and aaahhhs! It was really beautiful there. We went around October and boy it was really cold! Isang beses lang ata ako naligo haha!

We stayed in George’s Guest House, which according to the net, is the most colorful and garish building in town.
This is before we went to our scheduled itineraries. We filled our tummies with fried rice, tuyo, scrambled egg and adobo for breakfast. Yummy!

With me in this trip were: my Ate Chelo, her husband Kuya dong (which happens to be the photographer most of the time), my lakwacherang mommy, my poging poging bibi and of course our Mimay which is inside my tummy at 3 months! Hehe. So my ate’s right di ba? This is Mimay’s first out of town trip! Astig! =)

Luckily, we get to experience the Saturday Market in Sagada, where the local farmers, producers and vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetable in their poblacion. Everything was fresh and cheap, libre tikim pa!

Lemme show you some of our pictures from our Sagada trip which I was able to retrieve from my ‘almost non- existing’ multiply account. Kulang kulang nga lang.

This is the bell tower in front of the Episcopal church.

Next, we went to Calvalry Hill and to the well-known Echo Valley. The view was fantastic! The almost 2hours hike and steep cliffs are all worth it! Mimay anak, we did it! =)

Our next stop is the Bomod-ok Falls. The steps going down the falls seems to be never ending but nevertheless, the scenery in the famous Big Falls is truly breath taking. The trek itself was very strenuous lalo na yung pabalik yet very exciting! Feel na feel ko ang aking pagiging adventurous sa experience na to! Ikaw na, 3 months buntis pero nakapag hiking pa! Laban?! ;)

The next day, off we went to the most exciting part of our trip, Sumaguing Cave! On our way pa lang to the cave’s entrance, my heart was pounding with so much excitement and kaba. Sayang lang because I can’t show you our actual photos inside the cave. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to upload them in my multiply account before. I think they’re in my friendster account.

The experience was super thrilling! We trek and sit-walk in dark, big, slippery rocks and rapel at 90 degrees limestone walls! It was super cold inside the cave!

I borrowed some photos in the net so that you can imagine my kalokahan doing all the climbing and rapelling inside the Sumaguing cave while I was 3 months preggy with our Mimay. Please don’t raise your eyebrows, I was extra careful naman the whole time ;

We were so mesmerized by the beautiful limestone formation inside the cave. Ang ganda ganda ganda sobra!
Last stop is the hanging coffins. Ok lang the experience. Very unique coz this is the only place where you can see coffins hanging in the cliff. But it was eerie seeing them. Di ko masyado type.

Sagada is surely a worth visiting place. It’s one of the most ‘action-packed’ trip that I’ve ever been to, the most challenging and one of the most unforgettable because it’s our Mimays first ever trip while she’s inside Mamee’s tummy! =)


  1. Huwat!!!???!!! 3 months preggy ka sis when you do went in the cave???!!! Bilib ako sayo!!! hehehe

    Ako nga noon, hirap na hirap eh. :P

    I miss Sagada tuloy! :P

  2. haha howyeees sis, 3 months preggy ako that time kya yan ang official 1st out of town ni ineng hehe. kulit no?:) malakas lng loob ko tsaka God was with me all the time :)

    sarap nga bumalik sana may airport n near dun no? tagal lng kc ng byahe eh.

  3. well-travelled na pala si Mimay baby pa lang.imagining preggy mamee nani climbing and rapelling inside the Sumaguing cave,bongga nga yun! :)

  4. supermom ka teh! yakang yaka naman ang trekking at spleunking.astig at pwede pala at pinapayagan ang gma buntis sa mga activity.?