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Monday, October 10, 2011


Kelan ba naman nawalan? Pinaglihi kasi ako ng mommy ko sa puwet ng manok, so I was really inborn madaldal :) So here it goes…

The other night, we went out for dinner. This particular fastfood that we went to has a play area which made our Mimay super happy. While hubby was ordering and my mom seated on our table, Mimay and I went in the play area in the 2nd floor. I let her explore the slide & the play house. Then I notice people keep on arriving in the 2nd floor and there were sound sytem, etc. After asking one lady, I learned that a Christian service pala was held every Monday night and Friday there. So I told her that I’m a born again Christian too. She was really giddy to know that, hence her invitation.

ate: sis we have service tonight, baka gusto mo umattend. may kasama ka ba?
me: ahhm yes, nasa baba sila naorder pa.

then mimay came running towards me and hugged my legs.

ate to mimay: hi baby! ang ganda mo naman.
ate to me: ganda ng pamangkin mo. ilang taon na?
me: she’s two and she’s my daughter.
ate: ows di nga? may anak ka na? hindi halata, mukha ka pa’ng dalaga.
me: (smiles shyly) wow thanks. baka maniwala ako haha!
ate: totoo. kaya pala maganda baby mo, ang ganda kasi ng mommy.

Ang haba ng intro ko pero yun lang ang gusto kong ikwento haha!
do i look like a tita to Mimay? ;)

One more pa. I have a new girl office mate. One day when we were in the pantry, she came to me.

officemate: hi! Jhanil right?
me: hello! yup it’s Jhanil. welcome to CMS!
officemate: thanks! oh by the way, your niece looks very adorable in her pose. she’s so pretty!
me: huh? my niece?
officemate: yes! I saw her photo in your table the other day.
me: Oh I see! she’s not my niece, she’s my daughter.
officemate: really your daughter? you’re joking! you’re married?
me: yes! and she’s really my daughter. her name is mimay.
officemate: I can’t believe it! u look young, and it doesn’t look that you’re married and has a daughter.
me: haha thank you so much! you made my day haha!

Hindi sa pagyayabang, that happened many times na. Parang gusto ko na tuloy maniwala lol!


  1. hahahaha!!! Prettiness ka kasi! :P

  2. baka maniwala din ako syo nyan sis! d p tyo ngkikita haha! :)