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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last night, while we were on the bus on our way home, Mimay was extra grouchy. My mom said she wasn’t able to take her afternoon nap hence her mood. Poy immediately scoop up Mimay and played with her. Mimay behaved for a while because her Dadee was entertaining her with his tricks. Suddenly, Mimay bawled asking for milk, then water, then candy, then milk again… repeat this scenario 20 times. Kaloka right? But you know what? Poy never gets mad. He just kept on dancing and dancing to Mimay’s delight.

When we reached home, Poy got Mimay’s used feeding bottles and cleaned ‘em up, while me and Mimay prepare for our quick shower. After sometime, Poy came in too inside the bathroom and made asikaso his baby. Sleeping time came, I saw my mag-ama playing and singing in the bed together. Then after a while, I heard Poy leading the prayer with Mimay then softly tapping her to sleep. In the middle of the night, Mimay woke up asking for milk. Poy immediately stood up and handed the milk to our daughter. At 5am, Poy woke up again to change Mimay’s soiled diapers.

I know I have mentioned countless times here in my blog how blessed I am for having the most loving husband on earth. But you know, he is more than that. I just feel so so much more blessed for having a husband who’s a superb dad at the same time. Ma drama as it may sound pero naiiyak ako thinking how lucky can I get for having Poy. I might be doing something really really good in the eyes of the Lord for giving this wonderful guy to me.  

I love you so much bibi. “Thank you” is an understatement to let you know how grateful I am everyday for having you. My life wouldn’t be the same without you.

Mimay anak, one day I know you will come to realize too that you are one fortunate and blessed baby for having your Dadee. When the time comes that you will have a boyfriend (pag mga 40 ka na), please look for someone like your dad and for sure, you’ll get 2 thumbs up from Mamee.
Love you both bibi and neng neng!


  1. tama ba ako sa nakita ko sis? may nailpolish na sya on her fingers?

    kikay talaga!!! mag.ipon ka na, now pa lang ng pambili ng make up for tweens! hehehe

  2. hahaha ur super right sis! bago nga mtulog ngppa lipgloss p. goodluck tlg smin ni hubby haha!