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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


If we’re friends in FB, most probably you have noticed that Mimay’s photos are usually taken in a kiddie slide. Favorite nya kasi. Whenever we go out, we ask her where she wants to go and she’ll surely say either “mowl” (mall) or slide. If she said mowl, pagdating namin dun maghahanap yan ng slide.

Halata ba na favorite nya ang slide?
Since our Mimay is super duper active, nakaka stress talaga whenever we bring her to slide. I understand that part of toddler’s phase yung mauntog sya and all pero I still can’t help not to feel paranoid everytime we saw her sliding upside down. Yes as in una ulo! Kaloka!

But since slide really makes our daughter happy, as in literal na kinikilig, hubby and I are planning to get her a kiddie slide like this.

This will be a perfect Christmas gift to her, what do you think?      

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