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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


To the people that accepted and loved us since day 1, to the people that's making our stay here in Dubai very unforgettable, to the people that's making our life comfortable and at peace even were miles away from our real family, to the people that's supporting and supported us all the way, to the people that's sharing laughter and tears with us, to the people that wholeheartedly love and SPOIL our dearest mimay even naynay, to my second family... Joy, Boi, Ta Lou, Len, Eric, Carl, Jay, Lyn, Win, Bert, Ssel, Leah, Dong and Jo-Anne THANK YOU. Thanks for the love and friendship. I will be forever grateful for having you all. God is really good for blessing us with friends like you.
Love you all till our hair turns gray!

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