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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Saw the calendar in my office table this morning and my most feared month officialy starts today. The thought of sending Mimay in the airport with Naynay really makes me feel so sick! Nasusuka ako na naiiyak at the same time. Ang bigat bigat sa pakiramdam that I want to become selfish na lang and let Mimay stay here with us and I’ll just look for a nanny that will take care of her. But the other side of me is telling that kawawa my baby if we’ll do that.

Last Friday, we went to our church service and the pastor’s message was about claiming the answers to our prayers because all things are possible with Him. I know that. Ever since I gave my life to Jesus, my worries, angst, bitterness and fears, all are entrusted to Him. Lately, me and hubby do not pray and ask for a particular request to Him. What we always say is that, “IKAW napo mag-decide for us, for our family, because we know YOU love us and YOU always wants to bless us. We entrust SOLELY everything to YOU.” I just can’t help not to feel sad thinking na magkakahiwalay na naman kami ng anak ko. Feeling ko talaga maloloka ako pag bumalik na si ineng sa Pinas.

So ayun while praying in my seat, I was crying too much talaga because I want to give and lay all my hurts to the Lord. Then I saw my baby looking strangely at me and went like this:
Nakiki-iyak din sya! I guess she’s feeling the ‘pain’ too =’(

Mimay anak,
We love you so much neng. Konting tiis pa and we promise you, magkakasama-sama tayo nila Dadee soon. We just have to prepare everything for you. I willl miss you anak. How I wish I can stop the days and forever na lang na February 1.
Love you baby,


  1. Hi Mamee Nani!

    When your blog title appeared on my blog roll I got a little bit confused since I'm one of your blog stalkers, I know that you and Poy are super in love. I thought you hated February coz it's the "love month".

    After reading through your post, pati ako nalungkot para sa inyong mag-anak. Parang madudurog puso ko para sayo. Mimay looks kawawa in her pics.

    All I can say is just be strong and tama ka to surrender everything to God for he will never forsake you. I pray that you and Poy be given the strength and patience to remain focused even if you are miles away from Mimay. You are doing this for her naman and the days fly by fast. Someday you'll all be together again.

    Hugs and prayers for you, Mamee Nani!

  2. sis thank you. i can really feel your sincere concern. super thanks. u just don't know how it makes me feel good that someone like you is also praying for my family.
    thanks mommy mae!