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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Got this article of Bo Sanchez forwarded to me by my Kumareng Layds. This is super beneficial and meaningful to couples like us.

So grab your partner’s hand and take time to meditate on this:

One day, a young husband came up to me and said, “Bo, I wish my marriage will be as great as yours ten years from now…”
I only had one word for him: “Don’t wish. Decide.”
In that one line, I gave my secret to success.
That’s what separates great marriages and not-so-great marriages.
That’s what separates successful people from unsuccessful people.
Unsuccessful people wish, want, hope, desire for their dreams.
That’s not enough.
Successful people decide to make their dreams happen. Period.
That means they’ll do whatever it takes.
Nothing will stop them.
Failure is not an option.
Let me ask you: Will you do whatever it takes?
For me as a husband, it means the following:
o   I practice “mental” monogamy
o   I overlook her faults
o   I go out of my way to express my love
o   I prioritize our dates
o   I lead my family to God
Note: Just in case you’re in the delusion that I’m a perfect husband, let me make this record straight. I’m far from it. Just ask my wife!  But the important thing is that I’ve decided to become a great husband.   And I make that decision everyday.

But I would like to add just one thing on the above thoughts of Mr. Bo Sanchez. In order to have a great marriage, don’t WISH. DECIDE and PRAY =)

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