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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to share a secret to all of you guys. It’s been months that I’ve been in blogging so I think it’s about time to share this secret of mine. We’re all close na naman right? So I think there’s nothing wrong if I’ll share this. I just thought also that this post might help others who have the same condition as mine.

I have psoriasis.

For those who don’t have any idea what it is, psoriasis is a chronic disease that appears on skin. Chronic which means, that this type of skin disease is recurring and medicines can just help to prevent it from spreading. I have it since my college days. I’ve been to different dermatologists ever since. According to my favorite dermatologist, Dra.Pisano who’s already in Canada right now, my psoriasis occur and aggravates daw when my immune system is low and when I’m stressed and puyat. The cause of this disease is not yet fully understood until now, because it’s genetical she said. There are different types of psoriasis, but mine is psoriatic arthritis. Sore appears on my body joints such as knees, elbows, ankle and finger joints.

There’s no definite remedy for my psoriasis. As I researched it from the internet and and as per my derma’s advise, most topical ointments should not be applied for longtime or else it is useless. I have to make sure din daw that my skin is always moisturized and I have to wear gloves whenever I’ll do the dishes. And most importantly, I should not STRESS myself or else the lesions will get worst. And it’s really true, whenever I am on a very stressful situation; the lesions are breaking out seriously. Like now. I actually have to be absent from work the other day just to have this check by a dermatologist. Natatakot na kasi ako because it’s spreading na on my ankles. She gave me antibiotics (Augmentin AED100/Php1200 for 20 pcs) for my sorethroat, because she said everytime I have infection it will make my psoriasis worst. Telfast (AED45/Php540 for 1 box) was also prescribed to me for anti-itching, while Daivobet (AED150/Php1800) and Diprosalic (AED30/Php360) ointments are for the lesions. I’m also now using baby soap, same like what Mimay is using, which is made for delicate and galisin skin like mine.  I cannot use pampaputi/fragrant soap and lotion anymore. That’s sad no? I know.

I remember back in college, I am so paranoid of my psoriasis. Nakaka stress sobra! I have to be in the derma almost twice a month and hindi biro ang ginagastos ng mommy ko just to keep my skin clear. Sometimes nga I’m asking, why of all sakit eto pa ang napunta sa kin? Ang gastos kaya! But I also thought that God’s ways are always better than mine so I just learned to accept and be positive about it.

God has given me too blessings in life para maging bitter ako sa aking psoriasis? Right?? Right! =)


  1. Hi Mamee Nani!

    Don't stress yourself out. I know (feeling close, hehe!) that you may be feeling down because of Mimay's departure from Dubai but mabilis lang panahon. You won't notice it and she'll be back there with you before you know it.

    About your condition, I can't say that I can relate because I don't have psoriasis but my closest godfather has it. He is like my second father, that's how close we are. His is more pronounced, like his entire body has blotches of red and his skin is all dried up. But, his condition never lessened how great a person he is. So, don't fret about it too much. You are a good person inside and out. God bless you, sis!

  2. Hi Nani. I chanced upon your blog few days ago and we love reading your blog here in the office. (Sana hindi mahuli..hehe). I have an skin asthma and i suggest you use aveeno products (lotion, soap etc), its very good for sensitive skins like ours. Dont feel bad about your skin. Just enjoy life with your hubby and your baby...

  3. You're very lucky cause your psoriasis is controlled. I have a brother who's only 13 years old when he had the disease. He's now 21. It started with his head. We thought it's only dandruff then it started appearing on his elbows and his nails started deforming. Now his whole arms, legs, tummy, back, neck is covered with lesions. He also can't walk during cold months because of his arthritis. He can't be stressed. Sayang cause he's very smart but the companies won't give him any job.

    He's been to a lot of dermas. We tried Asian Hospital, RITM, Makati Med. He tried UV treatments (yung P600 per 5mins), lots and lots of creams, steroids, IV (the one that costs 12k a week for 2 injections) but still there's no improvement maybe because he's also diabetic.

    You might wanna join PsorPhil, an organiztion for Filipinos with Psoriasis. Basta KEEP AWAY FROM STRESS. Stay happy. You're very lucky to have Poi who loves you very much.


  4. thanks guys for your comments. very helpful and inspiring. thanks for the advices! everything are noted =)i am taking this psoriasis positively. mas madami nga jan worst pa condition sa akin. i'm blessesd. god is good!