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Thursday, February 24, 2011

WHY I LOVE POY - Part 10

Just may I share this ha? Natawa ako eh =)

Last night, hubby and I were inside the bathroom to wash up when he made paalam if he can still stay in our living room to watch an action movie with our housemates. I said ok and told him that I’ll just wait for him in the bed. Our conversation was like this:

Nani: Ok lang bi nood ka muna. Ano ba yung movie na pinapanood nyo?
Poy: Check ko yung title mamya bi pero mukang maganda eh, about soldiers.

Maisingit ko lang, my ex-bf was a military man. He’s a CAT and ROTC commandant way back and a Lieutenant in Army. So I thought of joking Poy when I learned that the movie is about soldiers.
Nani: Wow bi favorite mo movies about soldiers? Sure ka? Haha!
Poy: (biglang napa-isip) Oo bi favorite ko yun. Gusto ko yung mga movie na pahihirapan mga soldiers tapos mamamatay! Dapat sa ending mga rebelde ang buhay, lahat ng sundalo dapat patay!

Hahaha!! Bibi, bitter?? :D

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