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Sunday, February 27, 2011


For those who doesn’t know me and for those who will be reading my blog for the first time:
My name is Nani, a loving mother to our 23 months old Mimay and a spoiled wife for 33 months to my very domesticated husband Poy. Yes you read it right. Si husband ang domesticated kesa sa akin. From laundry, cleaning, ironing, cooking, name it… its all hubby’s work. Spoiled wife nga eh db? ;p

During my childhood days kasi, I was never trained to be like that. My mom would do all the chores for us, basta magaral na lang daw kami mabuti. Eh obedient ako, eto ang ending, I am efficient at school and work but when it comes to keeping the house, bagsak.

So I came to realize (ang tagal ng realization haha!) that it’s not right especially the fact na hindi ako marunong mag cook. What if the time will come that Poy will be assigned somewhere, di na kami kakain ni Mimay?

So with that, together with our 101 friends, we thought of planning a weekly cooking competition. I was super excited because this will help me practice my cooking skills. As if I have cooking skills haha!

So for the official debut of CHOPPED 101 version, it’s a battle between the BRATS! Nani, the spoiled brat wife versus Carl, the spoiled brat girlfriend who doesn’t know anything in the kitchen. Parang ako lang hehe kaya bonggang match talaga. Our respective partners, Jay and Poy were the ones who bought the ingredients, then bahala na kami on what to cook. Kalorkei talaga because we don’t even know how to cut the onions and garlic. We started at around 9pm and finished at 12 midnight! Hahaha imagine the gutom of our housemates. Literally nagwawala na sila kahihintay sa niluluto namin. Let below photos do the talking about what happened on the launching of CHOPPED 101 version.

Carl cooked pork ribs caldereta while I made the pork garlic barbeque. I can say it was a success because edible naman ang mga niluto namin. It’s actually masarap! Eh ikaw ba naman magdinner ng 12 midnight, natural lang masarap ang magiging judgement nila sa niluto namin right? The dishes were judged by our 5 friends who don’t have any idea who cooked the caldereta and the barbeque. Para fair ang judging. The result was 3-2. Carl won and she super deserves it. I love her caldereta. Very tasty and the meat is very malambot. My barbeque daw is masarap din but Carl’s caldereta is far better than what I did hehe. But hubby told me I have a future in cooking naman, konting improvements na lang. Naks!
So for those who think my barbeque is delish, like my friends Cha and Abby, here is the super simple recipe for you guys.

Pork liempo thinly cut                             Catsup                          Lemon
Sugar                                                   Soy Sauce                     Sweet soy sauce
Oyster sauce                                         Tons of garlic                 Onion

Marinade the pork with lemon, toyo, little sugar and catsup for like 30 mins. Then sauté the garlic and onions, set aside. Since the pork is being marinated pa, you can make the barbeque sauce na. Just combine the toyo, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, catsup, water, pepper and sugar. The catsup will make the sauce a little thick. You can now fry the marinated pork, take care not to over cook it like what I did. Nagiging mapait kasi kapag nasunog sya. After all the pork are fried, put the pork back in the pan together with the sauteed garlic and onions. You may pour in the barbeque sauce to the pork or arrange the pork in a plate and drizzle the sauce on top. Fried some garlic with chili to serve as garnish to the dish.

There you go! Hope it helps somehow =) May lasa sya infairness haha!

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