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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Time flies REALLY fast. Parang the other month lang our daughter is just a tiny, innocent, alien looking creature na walang kamuwang muwang sa mundo. I remember I can’t even grasp her with my bare hands because she’s really very small then that I have to put her in a big pillow so that I will be able to carry her. I remember we even hired a midwife so that we can bathe Mimay because I am afraid I’ll break her bones. I remember buying blouses that looks already like a dress to her. I remember those days that we are very anxious because at 8 months she can’t stand on her own and at 10 months, she’s still toothless. How can I forget those days that everytime we go to her pedia for vaccine eh naiyak din ako after? Those were Mimay’s baby days.
photo c/o my dear friend, Joy Zapata. thanks joyee!

Looking at her now, ang bilis talaga. She’s really a big girl now, a very pretty and smart one. We are just too proud of her. We really bring back all the glory to the Lord for giving Mimay to us.

And as she grows up, she’s becoming more and more like me. See these photos and you’ll surely agree with me.
 See what I mean? :D

Yes, me and Poy now have a big girl and I’m becoming more and more praning of what’s coming next. Especially that day na may manliligaw na kay Mimay namin. OMG!! I’ll die, I swear!


  1. I strongly agree walang duda Gelay ikaw na ikaw!!! She's really adorable.... kakatuwa sya napapangiti/tawa ako pag pinapakita mo ang kakikayan nya...:)