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Monday, February 14, 2011


Last night, I was inside our bedroom playing with Mimay when I heard my friend Bert calling my name telling me that somebody is looking for me outside. I looked at our wall clock and it’s exactly 12:00 am na. Sinong maghahanap sa akin ng ganung oras? I immediately ran to our living room to check who it is. I peeped in our main door and saw the delivery boy outside asking if I am Nani? I said yes and he handed me a bouquet of red roses.
To my everdearest Poy,
I just want you to know that I am deeply overwhelmed with your effort to surprise me last night. You never fail to make me happy in your simple ways. I love you so much bi. Marriage has never changed you. You remained to be the same Poy I have known since day 1. And you’re even becoming more and more sweet, mabait, loving and patient of me habang tumatagal tayo. Sometimes bi, I am really asking myself what I have done to deserve a husband like you. God is really good. Thank you Poy for all your love to me. Thank you for making me feel that everyday is Valentines day. Thank you for being the bestest husband and Dadee to Mimay. My life wouldn’t be this happy and complete without you. Sobra kitang mahal, kayo ni ineng. Happy Valentines bi!

This is our photo 4 and ½ years ago. Physically, madami ng nagbago (lalo na sa braso ko!hehe!) But the LOVE and ROMANCE is getting stronger everyday.
I couldn’t wish for more but only a good health for both of us so that we have more years of loving each other and more years to take care of our Mimay.

Happy hearts day everyone!

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