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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I’m sure among my hundred blog entries, this will be my husband’s favorite. Because for the first time since we had Mimay, he will hear something about me wanting to have our “next” baby. Allergic kasi ako pag yun ang topic. It’s not that I don’t want to have our 2nd baby, I just don’t want it NOW, for many reasons.

But when I saw the photos of the newly born twins of my dear friend, Wie Ramos, parang biglang gusto ko na sundan si Mimay pero dapat twins din! ;)

Wie is one my best bud in First Sumiden, the first company I joined 3 weeks after my college graduation. She was one my confidant during the kasikatan of Poy-Nani loveteam in Sumiden haha! (feeling!) She can actually be the president of our fans club that’s why I love her deeply.

Last February 3, Wie and Louie’s precious twins Luis Xantheus “Xanti” and Louise Xemirah “Xeiah” were born through a Caesarean operation at Sta Monica Hospital weighing 5.9 lbs and 4.4 lbs respectively.
They are so cute and very adorable! On the left is Xanti and on the right is Xeiah.
Here naman is the happy Mommy Wie with her baby girl Xeiah.
And the happy Daddy Louie with his baby boy Xanti.
Unique their names no? I super like them. Luis is from Daddy Louie’s name while Xantheus means a strong, intelligent and capable person. While Louise naman is the female version/spelling of Louie and Xemirah means a joyous melody.

Congratulations new parents Wie and Louie! You are truly blessed to have Xanti and Xeiah. Take good care of them and be the best parent for them.

Ok, that explains why I suddenly changed my mind and PARANG (parang pa lang though) biglang gusto ko na sundan si Mimay. I want to have twins too! I told hubby that our friend gave birth to a twin. He was excited too sabay sabi “Bi gawa din tayo ng twins?” Sabi ko na, dun pupunta topic =) And to prove that, as I write this blog I receive an email from him.

Oh db nakakaloka ang asawa ko? =)

But seriously, I am starting to contemplate on how to conceive twins naturally. Maybe there are things to be done to increase the chances and baka yung twice a day na sinasabi ni Poy eh totoo haha! So the curious me started to check google for some insights and I wanna share these to all of you too.

Things you need:
1.     Partner of the opposite sex – CHECK!
2.     Folic Acid – Madami nito sa drugstore – CHECK!
3.     Cassava (wild yam) – Madami naman nito sa supermarket – CHECK!
4.     Milk to drink – Dami nito anywhere – CHECK!
5.     Fertility awareness chart – this is a bit hard for me because since I gave birth to Mimay, slightly irregular na menstruation ko :(
Read on…

1. Learn Fertility Awareness and how to monitor the female cycle to pinpoint the optimal time for intercourse. Having sex at the fertile time of the cycle is necessary to learn how to conceive twins (or even one baby).

2. Take folic acid daily. Folic acid is important for any healthy pregnancy, and it has also been shown to increase the likelihood of conceiving twins--an additional one woman out of 176 taking folic acid will bear twins, as compared to women not taking the supplement. If you want to have twins, start taking folic acid at least one month before conception.

3. Eat cassava root, a type of wild yam found in Africa. In a region in Africa where cassava is a staple of the local diet, women have the highest rate of twins found anywhere in the world. Many nutrition researches agree that eating this yam increases ovulation.

4. Drink milk and eat beef to increase the odds of having twins. According to Dr Gary Steinman, lead scientist in a medical study of twins, women who have a milk-based diet are more likely to conceive twins naturally than their vegan counterparts. It is thought that natural properties in milk may stimulate the ovaries, encouraging the production of multiple eggs for conception.

5. Keep nursing your infant or toddler while you try to conceive twins naturally. According to one study, women who are still breastfeeding and yet fertile are slightly more likely to produce twins.

6. Gain a little weight. Women with slightly higher fat percentages and those who are a little overweight are more likely to have twins. Don't overdo it, however--your health is especially important during pregnancy.

7. Have a family history of fraternal twins. This one is out of your control, but if the mother has fraternal twins in her family, she is more likely to have twins of her own.

But I think the best thing to do is to PRAY, that's the most effective! If we are meant to have twins, thy will be done =)

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