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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dearest Mimay,

I miss you baby, I miss you so much already. It’s been weeks that I am dreading so much about this day. Just the mere thought of sending you in the airport really makes me want to throw up. And now that it happened, you just can’t imagine what I’m feeling right now. It’s very unexplainable anak. Basta ang alam ko ngayon, sobrang sakit at bigat ng pakiramdam. Lutang na lutang ako sa sobrang lungkot. I cannot stop my tears. Sobrang hirap anak. Miss na miss na agad kita.

These are our photos together in the Dubai airport.
Last night, I wasn’t able to sleep well because I cannot breathe. That will be the last night that I will get to sleep with you. I have to wait once more before it will happen again. I sneak out of the room so that I can cry. Hindi ko ma explain anak, gusto kong sumigaw at gusto kong pigilan ang oras. I never want to be away from you again but I have no choice.

I’ll miss everything about you baby especially your sweetness. Ayoko umuwi mamaya because I know there are too many memories in the house that will just make me more sad. Wala ng sasalubong sa akin after work, wala nko bibilhan ng pasalubong, wala na akong pakakainin, wala na akong kikilitiin, wala na akong kakwentuhan, wala ng kakanta at sasayaw for me, wala nko kasama mag-miming, wala na kami kasabay ni dadee mo magpray. Too many memories that will make me cry more for sure.

Leaving you and naynay in the airport is the most painful experience in my whole life. Hearing you cry and scream makes me want to return in the check-in gate and get you back from naynay. But I know you will suffer if mamee will do that so I’d rather swallow the pain and sacrifice for you. I am not jealous that you are closer to your naynay than to me. Because I know in time, you will understand and love me more for being a working mom just to give you the best future that you deserve.  

3 months flew so fast and I pray these coming months will pass more quickly. This is mamee and dadee’s promise to you: We will make sure to settle naynay’s visa the soonest possible time. We will do whatever it takes in the immigration so that they will issue a residence visa for naynay. We will make tipid to the max so that we can save up for naynay’s visa and for your airfare. We will soon be together as family anak, promise yun. Just like what I told you yesterday, we will wait for you so that we can ride the camel again and eat ice cream together.

I love you so much baby. Thank you for changing every inch of me. My life became so much more meaningful because of you. Mamee and dadee will surely miss you so much. We’ll see you soon again. For the meantime, enjoy everyday with your tito’s and tita’s there in Pinas. Share them your newly acquired jokes and talents. I’m sure they will laugh to death with your new antics. Just make sure to let them know that you will leave soon to stay with your mamee and dadee here in Dubai. Tell them that we are waiting for you, I’m sure they will all understand. Enjoy your vacation there anak! We love you so much! Sobra sobra sobra!


  1. nakakaiyak naman tong post mo mommy. i feel your loneliness there. *virtual hugs*

    Im sure you are doing the best for your girl. Days will pass by quickly. Before you know it, you will be together na. Pray. Pray. Pray.

  2. nakaka-iyak nmn sis! i'll say a little prayer for you and all your hearts' desires... sana magkasama na kayo ni Mimay, the soonest possible... meanwhile, be strong my dear... God bless you... >Vengie