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Saturday, July 16, 2011


-written at 2:15pm, July 14, 2011
Huwoow after 25 years I am back in blogging! I don’t know where and how to start my come back post. Wala akong kwentang blogger for 2 months, sheym on me!

Well just to update all of you my dear friends, I just came back last Tuesday night here in Dubai from my Pinas vacation. I just reported today for work and I still have ‘vacation hang over’. Tamad na tamad pa ako but I have no choice because I was supposed to return to office last July 12 pa nga. I left my mag ama at home and they are bonding so well, kainggit!

It was a pretty good vacation for me. I get to see my family most especially my siblings which I haven’t seen for more than a year. I was able to sleep in my own bed with my baby Mimay which was really heaven. I get to meet and hang out with some of my friends. I get to eat the foods that I miss from Pinas. I was also able to attend to my daughter’s Baby Fashionista event. And best of all, I was able to witness and be a part of my one & only brother’s long awaited wedding which made me really teary eyed.
It was almost a fantastic vacation only if hubby dear was able to join me. Due to some unavoidable issues in Poy’s work, he wasn’t able to come with me. It was surely the most disappointing and unpleasant incident ever happened to our vacation plans. Sira talaga lahat and it really made my heart cry every night while I was in the Philippines waiting and hoping for him to follow so that we can spend our vacation together. It’s very heart  breaking to attend to my brothers wedding and have our family photo taken without Poy. Sobrang bigat to enjoy things knowing that I left my other half in Dubai. I spent my birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary in the plane ALONE. All the out of town trips even our HK anniv tour were cancelled. Goodbye plane tickets and resorts accommodation. It was such a very big disappointment! But just like what we have talked about, every thing happens for a reason. And we have accepted everything positively. We trust God and He knows better than us.

And after 32 days, it feels so good to be back HOME, which is in my bibi’s arms. It was such a high feeling to see him in the airport and feel his soft lips again. His warm embrace made me feel safe and secure. Seeing him smile touched my heart. I miss him, I miss him badly. 
And now, it was such a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning seeing my husband on the same bed as mine sleeping with our precious Mimay. I cannot explain the happiness, I feel so complete. They are my wealth. I love them to bits.

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