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Thursday, July 28, 2011


And Thursday came! Woot woot! My most favorite day because Thursday means, Friday na bukas! Yipee! We have a scheduled videoke night later in 214. Since tipid mode kami lahat, house party will do for us with matching kropek to munch. Then tomorrow is the start of Mimay’s swimming class in Flora Creek Hotel. I am so excited for it! I hope magising ako ng maaga, cross fingers ;)

But I am more excited for August 1, that’s on coming Monday na. Instead of the usual 9:15am – 6pm schedule, we will be going home a little bit early for 1 whole month! Yey! The initial schedule would be until 4pm but we are hoping and praying that the management will agree to 3pm instead. Then at the end of Ramadan, we’ll have 4 days off! Yon! That means more time with Mimay and the hubby. *happy dance*

And just an update, last night is the 1st night without the hubby at home. Like what I have shared in my previous post, Poy will be on night shift until mid of August. Naynay will come on the 15th morning pa hence the change of schedule for us. Ang hirap ng wala si hubby! Wala ko mautusan haha! But all in all, I survived night 1. Yey!

I haven’t kwento here pala that I am wearing eye specs now and it’s red, kabog! But still mukha pa rin akong lola! But it’s okay because I am not experiencing headache now. Before kasi almost everyday I am taking Ibuprofen or Paracetamol for my headache. The doctor told me that I should wear this while working in my laptop to somehow lessen the eye stress.
I am like this during office hours. Achieve na achieve ang granny goose look. Pardon me for this shot, di ako kagandahan at sa toilet talaga ang location. Parang ang haba ng fez ko here no? Or maybe, wala na akong pisngi dahil namamayat na ako?? Choz!

O sha, gtg! At baka isipin nyo naman eh tambay lang ako dito sa office (obvious ba?)

Happy weekend everyone!

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