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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Meet our little mermaid! 
Last Friday, before we went to Burjuman for our church service, we went to Flora Creek Hotel for Mimay’s first session of her swimming class.

This is the day our baby has been long waiting for since I told her that she will be going to a swimming class soon. Everynight before we sleep, she always tells us this: “Miming lapit na! tutulog na tapos miming na! (with matching kilig)” It’s really super cute hearing her say that. Ang conclusion nga namin ni Poy eh sirena tong si ineng in her past life hehe.
We arrived in Serenity Spa and Wellness Centre before 3pm. This wellness centre inside Flora Creek Hotel was introduced to me by my kumareng Joy. I was enticed to try their pool because it’s indoor, perfect especially in Dubai’s temperature nowadays.
Mimay inside the shower/changing room

The entrance per adult is AED 100 for non-member. Mahal sya. Imagine P1200 for a single entrance. So what I did is I registered for a 1 month membership which is AED 200 lang plus AED 100 for the registration. In that, the priviledge would be a 1 month free use of swimming pool then complimentary na daw si Mimay. Much better option, I guess. Since I’ll be coming early from office this whole month of August, it’s the perfect time for me to go swimming with ineng. Atleast hindi sayang ang membership fee.
While for Mimay’s swimming lesson, beginner rate is AED 100 for 5 group sessions. Prior registration, the front desk officer told us that Mimay’s too young for formal lessons. They can’t guarantee that my daughter will learn the swimming strokes at her young age, but what they can assure is that Mimay’s fear of water will go and will learn to enjoy water more.

I wasn’t able to take photo of the actual lesson because Poy didn’t come with us. I was in the pool too so walang photographer. Poy stayed home to iron our clothes (talking about ulirang dadee hehe) and just came to pick us up from the hotel.

The Indian instructor started his lessons by taking Mimay to the pool steps. He lets Mimay sit there and play. This will help Mimay daw to get accustomed to the water. Either the mom or dad is required to go with the child and do also whatever the instructor is saying. In this way, the child will obey the instructions more easily because she will imitate her parent. Next is we are asked to sit on the top step and do some kick. The correct kick is that the leg must be straight with knees slightly bending. Mimay enjoyed this part and I did too :) For the last part of the 1st session, we were asked to put a toy that will submerge in the water. The toy was placed in the “semi-shallow” pool step which is to be taken out from water by Mimay. This will help her prepare to eventually put her face underwater. The 1st session lasted for less than an hour which is ideal for Mimay’s age so that she will not get bored easily.
Tired baby after her class

It was a fun experience for me and ineng. It’s a good bonding moment too! I can see how happy she was. She was kissing me every now and then as if it is her way of saying thank you to me. The feeling was priceless.
We are scheduled to come back on Tuesday for the 2nd session. I am not expecting Mimay to learn the butterfly stroke after a month, either free style or floating, etc. But what I expect is that through this activity, we will get to bond more and our Mimay is happy. That what matters most to me and Poy.

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