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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since I am not busy today, I thought of sharing something to all of you. Basta secret lang natin ok? I’ll not post this in my FB so that Poy will not get to read this hehe. But don’t get me wrong, Poy knew about this, I shared this to him already kaya lang hindi nya feel. He was mad actually. Basta wala lang to, gusto ko lang talaga ishare =)

One day during my vacation in Pinas, I went to Festival Mall in Alabang to look for shoes to wear for my kuya’s wedding. Festival Mall is the nearest decent mall from our place in Cabuyao Laguna. While I was wandering in the mall, I bumped to someone very very very familiar to me. I was stunned. Eventhough we haven’t seen each other since our break up, it’s as if I still know him very well. I’m sure he was surprised to see me too, or he’s more of na-star struck if I may say haha!

Yeap, I bumped with my ex, my 1st boyfriend for almost 6 years. After more than 5 years of not seeing each other I must say he looks better now. We have a 10 years age gap eh but he doesn’t look his age. I must commend his wife for that. She must have taken care of him really well.

He was with his friend when I saw him and they invited me for a dinner. For old time’s sake, I agreed. I don’t want him din naman to think that I’m snob. We had a good 6 years together so I think there’s nothing wrong if I’ll come with them. It feels good to catch up on him again. Walang ilangan and we had a good conversation, tawa pa rin kami ng tawa like before. I learned that he has 2 kids now, a boy and a girl. I also learned that he’s very successful now with his business which I believe sobrang dinedeserve nya. He’s a good man, respected, well mannered and a gentleman.

He told me that he wouldn’t be where he is now, strong and determined, if I wasn’t once became a part of his life. I am so proud of what he has become now.

Till we meet again! God bless you, and your kids Aiz and Airah!


  1. nice to see your back to blogging nani. =)

    ot question though, san kayo sa cabuyao laguna? we are from there too. baka we are neighbors pala. hehe we live sa san isidro heights. wala lang. =)

  2. thanks nina!

    ohmi! yup we're neighbors! we're from san isidro heights too! saya naman =)
    sayang i didnt get to see u there during my vacation, may ka chikahan sana ako:)

  3. hahaha oo nga!!! familiar kasi ung background sa pics nyo. hehe anyways malapit lang kami sa guardhouse. sayang!! sana nameet ko si mimay.