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Monday, July 18, 2011


Just before I leave for my annual vacation, it has been a sure decision for me and Poy that we will return in Dubai with our daughter. Since Mimay is on residence visa already, she is not allowed to stay outside UAE for more than 6 months. Therefore, she really has to come back with me before August. But the sad part is, my mom cannot come to Dubai with us because of visa issues. I need to settle my mom’s residency as well and it will take time.

With that, hubby and I decided that we need somebody to babysit our daughter for the meantime. Thank God we met Jessica. She’s a Christian as well which made our decision easier. She’s our church mate who is in husband’s visa and is taking care also of a two year old boy name Third. Since Poy is on local leave until 24th of this month, we will start to bring Mimay to Jessica’s place on the 20th. She needs to get used to Jessica and Third and see how she will react to a new place and new people without us.

To be honest, I am somewhat hesitant to entrust our Mimay to somebody else as I am more comfortable leaving her to my mom. But I kept on praying that everything will be okay in this new arrangement. I don’t know what exactly I am feeling right now. I am just overly happy now that Mimay’s here with us but I am also a bit bothered. Are we selfish parents now that we have decided to bring Mimay here with us? Mas tama ba if she stayed in the Philippines na lang so that her Naynay will take care of her?

But seeing Mimay now, I think she feels much loved and complete knowing that she has her Mamee and Dadee with her. We see in her eyes that she’s very delighted playing and cuddling with me and Poy. We can see how proud she is every time we walk holding her both hands.
I believe we did the right thing. We love you so much anak!

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  1. I think you made the right decision. You should be together as one family!!! Enjoy each day!