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Thursday, July 21, 2011


…Bungang Araw! You are not welcome!

Because of the temperature rising to its peak here in Dubai, our dear Mimay got these unsightly heat rashes all over her tummy. Super kawawa si ineng because she keeps on scratching her tummy even when she’s sleeping. I was told by a friend that it’s normal to suffer from these nowadays especially here in Dubai, so I guess Mimay’s skin is also adjusting with the temperature. Super lamig inside our flat but when we go out, even at night, it’s still extremely humid and hot.
"mamee init dito!"
To prevent the rashes from spreading, I temporarily stop the use of fragrant bath gel for Mimay. Now she’s back to Lactacyd muna because it’s gentle in the skin. I don’t use cologne and lotion too on her tummy to avoid probable infection. I read also in the internet that I should wash Mimay as often as possible to cool her down and I must not let her wear tight clothes. So anak losyang clothes ka muna for the meantime.

Also, I found this thread in the net regarding kids having ‘bungang araw’ after arriving to Dubai. I learned from them that heat rash usually goes away on its own but some prickly heat powder may help to control the itchiness.  I also found out about this Sudocrem which they said is very effective to heat rashes. We’ll see. I already told Poy that we will get this cream for our baby girl.

Will update you on the improvement on my next post!

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