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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This post is dedicated to my friends, former officemates and cousins whom I wasn’t able to visit during my Pinas vacation. Sobrang sorry talaga. I feel that my vacation is not sulit because I miss to see all of you.
First of all, I think it’s a known fact to everyone that the original plan was I’ll be coming to Pinas with Poy. Everything is settled and we already have a daily schedule to follow so that we can maximize the 30 days vacation given that I need to attend to Mimay’s Baby Fashionista’s activities and ofcourse to help out in my brother’s wedding.

Unfortunately, hubby wasn’t able to come with me in my flight to Pinas, susunod daw sya. Most of our plans for the 1st week of my vacation were deferred. I asked him if its okay for me to pursue with our initial schedule and that is to meet up with some of my friends and former officemates. But hubby requested to wait for him dahil uuwi naman daw sya, he’ll come with me daw. So since hassle din naman if I commute because I don’t drive and I am an obedient wife, I waited for him.

After a week, his flight was postponed again and again and again until ayun he wasn’t able to follow na because his flight to Pinas was scheduled on our flight naman back to Dubai. And the decision of him not coming for vacation to Pinas was finalized as in 5 days na lang before my flight back to Dubai. Kangarag talaga! Wala pa akong nagagawa because all I did was to wait for Poy in Pinas, yun sabi nya eh. Even yung pagpunta ko sa PAGIBIG at SSS, hintayin ko daw sya. Susme talaga tong asawa ko!

Well, it’s not that I am blaming Poy. Gusto ko rin naman yung ginawa ko. Nakakakonsensya din naman kasi to go out, have fun and parteey with friends knowing that my husband is very depressed because he cannot go for vacation. Feeling ko din, hindi rin ako mageenjoy kasi for sure text ng text at tawag ng tawag yang si Poy haha! Jowk bi!

So for my last week in Pinas, I tried to squeeze all my activities in 5 days! I went to Salon, to SSS, PAGIBIG, to my former office, met up with ‘some’ of my friends, slept over in my inlaws house, bought all the bilin’s and pasalubongs, attended the finals of Mimay’s Baby Fashionista, etc etc etc. Ngaragers to the nth level! Along with all that activities, I had to pack pa all my things as well as Mimay’s. Eh mas madami pang gamit tong anak ko kesa sa akin. Feeling ko talaga maloloka ko sa dami ng dapat kong gawin before our flight back. I was sleeping at 2 am and waking up at 7am all throughout that last week. Hello eye bags!

I think that explains well why I wasn’t able to visit all of you my dear cousins in Pagbilao Quezon, my officemates in Sumiden and Nissan esp Malen, Gallardo family & baby Joro, my foc fox sweethearts Eon and Arman, my LB friends Eyen and Jaja, hubby’s cousins in Majada esp Elvie… hay ang dami dami kong na miss sobra! I wanted to meet pa sana my mommy blogger friends Mae, Jhan, Sapphire Mommy & their cutie babies but since di naman ako marunong mag drive because hubby’s not with me, I have no choice kundi manahimik sa bahay. Hay it’s about time na talaga for me to learn how to drive so that it will be atleast easier for me to escape next time hehe. Ang hirap din kasi to go out because it was raining hard in Pinas then I have to commute.  

So ayun, please accept my sincerest apology guys! Sisihin nyo lahat si Poy wag ako ha? ;) I’ll make bawi next time. Kisses!


  1. Hi there mamee nani! would love to meet you in the future, after all magkalapit probinsya lang naman tayo,may chance.hihi! Looking forward to meet you and the ever adorable Mimay.God Bless your family always! :)

  2. aaawwww....sayang nga! di bale, next time you have your vacation here, let's set it! :D

    hope to meet you in person!

  3. that's for sure, next uwi namin i will really have to see u girls! =)
    jhan regards to ur new baby! ang pogi pogi =)