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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Its time for another movie review, but this time, Hindi film naman.

The movie was very impressive and we learned a lot. I have to give 5 stars to “3 idiots” introduced to us by our friend Lyn. It was a humorous, tear shedding and entertaining film packed with real lessons in life.
At first, I was hesitant to watch it because it’s an Indian film so malamang eh nose bleed kami because it’s in Hindi. Good thing it has an English subtitle, so we relied on it to fully understand the plot. We made the right decision of watching it despite of the almost 3 hours duration. Yup ganun sya katagal, Titanic level! But no regrets kahit puyat. The movie is really worth watching.

Almost all of us in the house had a good laugh with the actors in this film. The song ang dance part is very lively that we had an LSS (last song syndrome) until now hehe. “A A All is well!” Katuwa because parang movie lang nila Dolphy and Vic Sotto na may dance number lagi. There were also parts in the movie na cryola naman ang drama namin lahat. Para lang kaming mga luka sa bahay, tatawa, sasayaw, iiyak hehe.

What’s good about this movie is that we grasped moral lessons that can be applied in our everday lives; here are some I want to share to all of you:
1.     Education is important. Don’t waste the opportunity. Value your parents’ hardwork just to be able to send you in a good school.
2.     Take courage. Especially in tough times. Learn how to handle your problem maturely. Wag mag su-suicide ;) Life is beautiful!
3.     Stand firm. Fight for what you believe is right. Learn how to say NO.
4.     If you’re suffering from any kind of hurts, always remember, it shall pass. Sabi nga sa movie, our heart is weak, so we must always remind our heart that ALL is WELL.
5.     Love is not always about money. Dump the guy who’s inlove with his money alone, he’s an ass!
Actually madami pa eh, I just don’t want to ruin if ever you guys have plans to watch it too.
Do you know that the lead actor Rancho here is 43 years old na pala in real life?     He doesn’t look his age no? He looks bagetching. Parang si Bert lang, char! :)

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