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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today is a very blessed day for our friend, Tita Lou. She just got the residence visa for her baby MM.
Our dxb family is getting bigger yey! I am personally very happy for her because finally, after long months of waiting, she will be with her baby boy na, ofcourse with Daddy Mark too. God is really good and it’s another testimony that nothing is really impossible with God. All praises only to Him!

I was like Tita Lou months ago, praying hard that everything will go well with Mimay’s move here in Dubai with us. That’s why I so know the feeling. It’s really hard and painful to be away from your child.

Ta Lou, we are all very happy for you and Mark! And to baby MM, we can’t wait to see you, lexie, andino and mimay all play together soon.

I grabbed below photos of our babies from FB. I just want to share to all of you because they are all very adorable. At may madadagdag pa, watch out for our new baby girl in October c/o MeiYo! =)

Len/Ric, Jay/Carl, Lyn/Win, Ssel/Leah, Dong/Jo – what are you waiting for? Gawa na, now na! =)   

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