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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Guess who’s coming back in Dubai soon?

Yeap, it’s no other than Mimay’s Naynay!
Mimay with Naynay's visa!

Ay tumbling ang anak ko sa saya for sure when she gets to see her naynay again after 1 month. And likewise, cartwheel din for sure si naynay when she gets to see her luka lukang apo again. Haha!

As initially planned kasi, Mimay will be taken cared of by a nanny while me and Poy are in the office. Si naynay mga October pa sana susunod here in Dubai. But after sometime, we noticed that the current set-up is not healthy for Mimay. Ganito kasi, the nanny is 20 minutes bus ride away from our flat. Poy will drop Mimay there in the morning and I’ll be the one to pick her up in the evening. In the morning, we have to wake up Mimay at 6:30 because the bus will leave at 6:40. Imagine tulog na tulog pa si ineng, bubuhatin na sya ni Poy at isasakay ng bus. Then he will leave Mimay with the nanny and as expected, crying galore si Mimay. Very traumatic for her. Then I’ll come at 7pm to pick her up, travel back by bus to our flat and we have to make her sleep before 10pm because she has to wake up early the following day.

After a week in this arrangement, Poy and I had a serious talk that we cannot see Mimay everyday like that. Wawa our baby. According also to Jessica, the one who baby sits Mimay, our baby is crying for almost the whole day. She’s not sleeping and keeps on asking for me and Poy. She’s becoming matamlay din daw. “She’ll get used to that set-up”, sabi nila. But if you’re in our situation, seeing your daughter like that is very painful. We couldn’t even work affably in office because we keep on thinking about her, texting Jessica, calling her every now and then and telling us that Mimay is still crying. It’s really a torture not only for Mimay but to me and Poy as well.

When she gets home in our flat, she’s very active naman. She loves playing with our housemates. And with that Poy and I realize, that’s the real Mimay - masaya, makulit and hyper. And we want her to be like that always. And so we decided that it’s either I stop from working and take care of Mimay or Naynay must come with us the soonest possible. We agree on the latter. Because it will not be practicall too if we will stay in Dubai, with all the expenses, if I will not work. Poy doesn’t want us din naman to go back in Pinas, it’s not healthy daw for our family na hindi kami sama sama. I actually agree with that, hindi ko rin naman kaya to be away from him. Hence, our decision of having Naynay back in Dubai.
naynay with the ex-101, now 214 babes!
With this sudden decision, malamang sa malamang eh alamang muna uulamin namin dahil sa mahal ng visa at airfare ni naynay haha! Okay lang, everything and anything for Mimay. What’s more important is, Mimay’s in safe hands and she’s happy. We’re happier that way =)

Yesterday, Poy requested his boss to allow him in the night shift until Naynay’s here already so that we don’t need to send Mimay to the nanny. And God is really good for giving a super bait boss to my husband. Yes, for the meantime, Poy will be on a 10pm-6am work schedule. So he’ll be incharge with ineng in the morning. Yey! All praises to HIM!


  1. hey nani i have kwento!

    my dad and mom (who also takes care of my son when i at the office) was able to meet you mom. she makes them kwento about mimay going in Dubai and that she is crying with the nanny. When my dad mentioned this to me, i said to myself parang familiar story. turns out yun nga story mo. haha

    wala lang. and sometimes daw my son and mimay plays at the same time sa clubhouse.

    small world =) good thing your mom will go there na din. home sick babies are so hard to comfort. =)

  2. wow really? small world indeed! nkkatuwa naman to hear that. i will surely see u and ur gwapong baby pagbalik namin pinas :)