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Saturday, July 23, 2011


I posted this photo in FB the other week ata. Sarap ng tulog ng mag ama ko no?
Poy filed a 2 weeks local leave since we came back from Pinas hence I am the only one waking up in the morning to go to office. But starting tomorrow, Mimay will have to stay with her baby sitter until we get the visa for naynay. We are praying so hard that everything will go smooth. I hope our baby girl will not cry if we leave her with Jessica. It’s a good thing there’s a 2 yr old boy staying in Jessica’s place, atleast Mimay will have a playmate.

Hay the cons of being a working parent. How I wish we are ultra rich so that hubby and I don’t need to go to work. Yung tipong gigising kami ng late then we’ll play with Mimay the whole day, go to mall, shopping, dine out and go out of town or out of the country trips. Ain’t life easier that way?

But on a lighter note, we are thankful that hubby and I have a good job to support Mimay’s needs. It just came to my senses that I should not be complaining because we have been too blessed with many things in life and we give back all the praises to Him alone. Thank you Bro!

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