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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Guys I have a little, as in little problem now. Help me nga.  It’s about this dalaga in below photo.
Mimay’s 2 years and 3 months old and as early as now, we are teaching her the alphabet, how to count, body parts, etc. I think it’s normal for her age to learn that. She keeps on bugging me that she wants to go to school na daw so I bought her school stuffs like books, activity pad, pencils, colors and even a bag. I also bought these flash cards with alphabets and numbers. In our room, we posted different kinds of animals, fruits and colors for Mimay to see. She loves watching alphabet in the You Tube too.
With that, Poy and I are patiently teaching her to learn the “basics”. But we notice that if teaching time na, may mga gantong pasabog na eksena ang bruha:

Scene 1:
Mamee: Mimay let’s count ha? Game. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mimay: Wan, Tu, Tyi, Por…
Mamee: Oh what’s next?
Mimay: Mamee tulog tayo! (sabay hikab!)

Echoserang bata! Ayos sa excuse!
Scene 2:
Mamee: Mimay, today Mamee will teach you different colors. You understand baby?
Mimay: Wag na ganyan usap mamee!

Scene 3: while I am showing her the wooden alphabet toy we bought for her.
Mamee: Mimay A is for
Mimay: Apol!
Mamee: B is for
Mimay: Bee!
Mamee: C is for
Mimay: Car!
Mamee: D is for
Mimay: Duck
Mamee: Very good baby! E is for
Mimay: Elepante!
Mamee: Anak, it’s elephant.
Mimay: Elepante nga yan mamee oh!
Mamee: Ok, next na lang. F is for (showing her a fish drawing)
Mimay: Nemo! (with full of confidence!)

Then one night I heard Mimay and Poy like this:

Dadee: A is for
Mimay: Apol!
Dadee: B is for
Mimay: Basag!
Kamote! Poy just slaps his forehead! Honestly, we don’t know where she learned that. Pero tama naman no? =D

My friends Lyn, Len, Jo, Carl and Jay are also patient in teaching Mimay.  Especially Jay. Iisang damdamin kami nyan in our plans (and prayers) of teaching Mimay learn how to speak English. Goodluck to us Jay! Last night, I saw Mimay, Jay and Carl teaching Mimay the alphabet.

Eto ang laging sagot ng Mimay:
§  Mamaya mamaya ha?  (u have to hear her tone in saying that, katawa promise!)
§  Tama na yan ha?
§  Wait wait lang.
§  Or worst, deadma kemberloo sya.
… sabay itatabi na nya lahat ng alphabet toys nya under our bed. Change topic na lang daw haha! Pero ilabas mo nail polish, make up at iplay ang “baby” ni Justin Bieber, 100% sure attentive yan!

I’m wondering why would she be tamad of this entire alphabet and counting churvas eh wala naman sya pagmamanahan. I love learning, I love to go to school, I’m excited everytime we have new topics in school. I never get bored on any subjects. Same with Poy, consistent honors yang bibi ko. But why our Mimay is like this?

Shall I take it seriously that she’s not fond of learning? Or masyado ba ko judgmental sa anak ko? Hahaha! Parang pagdating kasi sa kakirihan at kalokohan ang galing eh, pero pag alphabet, colors and numbers laging change topic =D

You guys think it’s normal? When is the right time ba to teach her? Any tried and tested suggestions?


  1. hay naku sis, swak na swak ang post title mo! Kalurkee talaga ang dyunakis mo!!! Aliw to the max ako sa pagbabasa.

    Nways, at her age, I think, it is still normal for Mimay to behave like that. She loves to play pa. Maybe if you will make learning time as play time too, she will behave differently.

  2. Oh my Mimay,panalo mga hirit! si Xian naman love nya manood ng educational cd's probably kase na-orient na sya during his early age.Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein, helpful talaga. baka iba lang talaga priority ni Mimay for now :)