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Monday, July 18, 2011


The best part of my pinas vacation is that I was reunited again after 4 months of being away, from our dearest Mimay. Mamee na ulit ako! I love the feeling sobra. Hearing Mimay calling me “mameeee!!” every minute is music to my ears, really! Kahit nakakahimatay ang anak ko sa kulit, nothing beats the happiness I am feeling because were together again.
Ubod sya ng arte and I loveet! She loves my tint, my lipgloss, my brush, my powder, lotion, perfume and my nail polish! She’s actually wearing red nail polish now! She’s my soulmate haha! This is the bonggang moment of having a daughter, para lang akong ni-reincarnate =)
And she has really grown so much. I’m still in awe everytime I look at her.

Scenario 1: Our Mimay is very appreciative
Her Ninong Dong brought her a new dress from Vietnam.
Mimay: Huwoow dayda ito ninong! Dayda!

Her Ninang Selo cooked kaldereta for her.
Mimay: Ninang Telo salap dereta!
She ate my ate’s kaldereta on her dinner, breakfast, lunch & merienda. Masarap nga siguro :)

I got Dora stuffs for her.
Mimay: Wow dowa! Tingkyu mami! Baybyu!

Scenario 2: Our Mimay is very maarte
We are going to a resort for an overnight. Since gusto ko mag bonding kami, it was just me and her and commute kami dahil hindi naman ako marunong mag drive. So I rented a tricycle so that we can go to the nearest terminal.
Mimay inside the tricycle: Mami ayaw tikel! Kotse lang. Ayaw ko mami, please naman! (sabay hagulgol! Best actress ka anak!)

Scenario 3: May sense kausap
We were inside my Kuya’s car. My kuya and his wife, Ate Jona, are teasing each other while Mimay is listening to them.
Ate Jona to my Kuya: labo mo eh!
Sumingit si Mimay: Di labo! Kita ko ah!
May point ano? :D

Scenario 4: Very bolera
I was going down from our stairs after I changed clothes.
Mimay: Wow gayda mami ko!

Scenario 5: and very HONEST, sobra!
I took off all my clothes as we took a bath together.
Mimay: Seysi mami! Seysi! (sabay palakpak!)
Oh ha! sobrang honest ng anak ko;D

Those were just some of the proofs that our Mimay is grown up already. She can understand things and can communicate really well.

And now that she is finally living here in Dubai with me and Poy, our happiness is immeasurable. No dull moments with Mimay. Despite of her kakulitan, she’s the sweetest. She loves to kiss, hug and cuddle. She’s so charming in her very cute way.

Thank you dear Lord for Mimay.


  1. I love the last one, sis! Hahahaha! Honest ha???!! Hehe!

  2. wow! so Mimay will stay in dxb for good? sooo happy for you & poy! God bless!

  3. panalo talaga mga antics ni Mimay! :)