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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Shallow as it may sound, but one of the main reasons why husband and I wanted Mimay to stay here with us in Dubai is because we want her to learn to speak in English. We just find kids speaking in English so adorable! 

But it’s not easy pala especially if you have a kid like Mimay. We find it hard to teach her dahil mas marunong pa sya sa min. Kaloka! Just the other night, hubby is teaching Mimay the body parts. Actually she knows it na, yun nga lang tagalog version.

Poy: Mimay show me your ears.
Mimay: deadma galore
Poy: Neng where are your ears?
Mimay: deadma still
Poy: Neng these are your ears (pointing to Mimay’s ears)
Mimay: Dadee tenga! Tenga yan.

One time naman, I was trying to talk to Mimay in English. Tingnan ko lang ba reaction. She’s listening naman pero after a while eto ang sabi ng loka.
Mimay: “Mamee wag ganyan usap, please naman!”

Eto pa, Thirdy, his playmate in Jessica’s place can only understand English. Sa daldal ng anak ko at sa dami ng sinasabi, walang reaction si Thirdy. So ayun, hindi sila nagkakaintindihan pareho. Eh di masaya walang away haha!

Then last Thursday night, we visited my kumareng Joy and my inaanak Lexie in their new flat. I have known Joy since our highschool days in Letran, Beautiful Girl yan ng Eat Bulaga =) Then we became classmates and friends in college. Our friendship didn’t stop when we graduated. It blossomed as we mature and eto nga, magkumare na kami ngayon. So it’s really a delight for us to see our baby playing together. It’s like our friendship is becoming deeper as our babies are becoming friends too.
At first, nagpapakiramdaman pa ang 2 bagets then after sometime habulan to the max na sila. They were laughing or more of screaming the whole time. Parang binagyo ang room nila mare because of the 2 kids. It was almost perfect, yun lang hindi na naman sila magkaintidihan haha! Spokening dollar din kasi ang lola lexie nyo while Mimay is not. We had a good laugh when we overheard their short talk.

Lexie calling Mimay: C'mmon c'mmon! (slang version of come on, come on!)
Mimay: Anu yun?

Mimay while pointing the story book to Lexie: Lexie basa basa!
Lexie: super clueless, walang reaction :D

And before we leave my kumareng Joy’s flat, eto ang ending: NOSE BLEED ang anak ko sa English ni Lexie harhar! And the winner in round 1 is Lexie!
We therefore conclude, ang English ay totoong nakaka nose bleed. Hay anak, we really have to do something with your English. We have to prepare you before you meet Andino. Baka mya mya nyan, himatayin ka na anak =)

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  1. hahaha....I loved this entry of you sis...nakakatuwa ang kwento mo about your dyunakis! cute! cute!!!