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Thursday, February 23, 2012


If you have seen me personally for a couple of times, it will be very impossible for you not to notice my mustache. It’s been there since birth. In my college days in Letran, the tricycle drivers in the kanto would call me “ang babaeng may bigote”. It was nothing to me that time, I was never bothered about it. I remember my ex-jowa even told me that it actually adds to my appeal. Naniwala naman ako. So it never occurred to me to have my bigote removed.

When I was in Dubai, my lady Indian officemate would always tell me to shave my bigote. But I didn’t mind her. Sa isip isip ko, buhok nga sa kilikili nya mahaba pa sa bangs ko eh. So kanya kanyang trip lang yan.

I feel very confident with my bigote, and I really have no problems with it. That is not until last Thursday. I had a seminar that day near Megamall and we were sent off early. I went to Market Market in Taguig to wait for Poy which will be coming from Pasig. He’ll come at 7pm pa daw. I thought of going to Freshaire to have my nails done. The problem is, ang dami pang customers waiting. So I have my name listed and they asked me to comeback after an hour.

I was wearing heels that day so it would be very uncomfortable for me to walk around. Ayoko din naman kumain alone in that 1 hour because I’m sure, Poy would ask me to eat again pag dating nya. Still undecided, I walk out of Freshaire and notice this waxing salon.
I was thinking to have my underarm waxed. I went inside to inquire but sadly, I have to wait 1.5 hrs pa daw because there were many customers who came earlier than me. I was about to leave Laybare when the attendant told me that I can have an upper lip hair wax instead. Wala daw pila so they can attend to me immediately. Left with no choice, I agreed.
This is the view from where I was seating. I was feeling really nervous. Alam mo yung parang manganganak ulit? Mga teh, pls understand, first time ko to in 27 years! Virgin na virgin ang bigote ko, migosh!

I really don’t know what I was up to until finally the wax touched my upper lip. Grabe ang sakit! Even before the waxing started, the attendant gave me a tissue and I was wondering what is it for. Para sa luha pala, kaloka!

Here is my before and after photo.
I went out of the salon looking like a battered wife. Namaga talaga nguso ko ng bonggang bongga. But over all, I enjoyed the experience. I didn’t know that I’ll be more confident with my hair-less upper lip.


  1. hahaha!!! Mas bagay sa yo dear.
    Actually suki ako jan sa LayBare Market Market!
    I live in Taguig kasi.

    Mas gumanda ka. promise!

  2. Congrats gelay... welcome to the hairless world hehehe:)

  3. hindi na po ba tutubo ulit ung balbas after magpa-wax?