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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have so many entries in my drafts, pero puro introduction pa lang. Sa sobrang dami ng gusto ko i-blog, I cannot finish even a single entry. You know I’m like that even at work. For example, I have so many things to do in a particular day, uumpisahan ko lahat yan. Ang ending, wala akong natapos. Kaloka.

Well anyway, what I want to share to you guys is our pretty dalaga in her flower girl gown.
Isn’t our Mimay so adorable?

This was taken last Saturday in Canlubang Laguna. Sorry I forgot the name of the church. Mimay was one of the flower girls in the wedding of husband’s cousin. The lolo of Poy was cousin of the lolo of the bride. Basta something like that, I don’t exactly know how they are related eh. Basta the moment I learned that Mimay will be one of the flower girls, mas excited ako haha!

This is actually the 2nd time of Mimay as flower girl. The first time was during my kuya’s wedding. As in solo flower girl sya dun. The problem lang is that Mimay was sick that time. She wasn’t in the mood at all. So on her 2nd time, bumawi talaga ang anak ko ng bonggang bongga! Look at the smile =) Mimay’s partner was Ivan. She’s the youngest son of my SIL, Ate Dory (Poy’s ate).

Ay I have a kwento pala about Mimay’s hairdo. Since the wedding was Saturday morning, husband and I sent our dalaga to a nearby parlor Friday night to have her hair ends curl-set. The bading in the parlor was having second thoughts because at Mimay’s age daw, for sure tatanggalin daw yung curler. I told the bading not to worry because I know our daughter very well.

So eto na sa bahay, while we were watching Barbie I noticed Mimay na ayaw humiga.

Nani: Anak higa ka na.
Mimay: Ayaw mamee, aalis kulot.
Nani: Hindi neng, hindi yan maalis kahit humiga ka.

So humiga..
Mimay: Aray! Aray mamee sakit! Ayaw ko na higa!

Imagine the curlers in Mimay’s nape, so malamang talaga eh masakit yun.
Nani: Sha neng tanggalin na natin yang kulot kasi masasaktan ka eh.
Mimay: Hindi mamee okay lang, taas mo la lang kulot (curlers) ko.

Ending, ganito natulog ang kiriray naming anak. Hahaha!!
Sabi nga ni Poy, “san pa ba magmamana yan?!” Deadma. Hindi ko rin alam. Choz! Sorry ang blurred ng shot, lights off na kasi sa room namin that time.

Mimay’s gown was originally owned by Mimay’s cousin who is 16 yrs old by now. So the gown was like 12 yrs old already. I just have it repaired. Since the motif of the wedding is blue & yellow, I asked our mananahi to replace the lace with color blue, put some blue sequins and put a yellow ribbon. Jaaraaan, instant gown for P500 only! Nasa nagdadala lang talaga yan, tama? ;)

I’m so excited for more flower girls moment of our Mimay!

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  1. ayos!!! Ang galing mo naman to P500 super pretty na ni Mimay sa gown nya!