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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Grabe grabe grabe! I am super duper mega over busy for the past week. As in! Work load up to my neck level talaga. Actually hanggang ngayon but I really need to blog, I’m palpitating already. I cannot concentrate anymore because ang dami dami laman ng utak ko. I need to unload some of it here.

First topic is my husband’s promotion! Na broadcast ko na sya sa FB last Sunday, excited. Feeling ko naman ako napromote lol! I am just so proud of him, sobra! I am even more excited because finally, after long months of waiting, I will be able to share the whole story here in my blog. I know it’s been a while since we kept any update about it. He told me to zip my mouth muna and wait for the right time. Right time because he wasn’t able to formally resign from his job in Dubai hence he doesn’t want me to publicly share the news yet. And I’m happy that the right time has finally come. His passport with cancelled visa is already with us. Yey!

Here’s the full story. Remember last November, Poy had to leave from Dubai going back to Pinas earlier than my flight back. He left a week earlier than me because I had to finish the 30 days notice to my previous employer. While him naman had to leave Dubai early because he had to report na to his new work here in Pinas. Yeap, God has again proved to us how mighty He is for keeping His promises to our family.

During the time that I was doing the Skype interviews for my application in Maxim, I didn’t know that my husband is sending resumes and applying job online to Pinas.  Until one day, he informed me that he received an irresistible job offer as a Safety Officer in a cold storage industry in Pasig. I was stunned because I had no idea about it. The offer for him was truly a blessing for our family. Sobrang sakto because we will be both back in Pinas with confirmed work.

Now you know the reason why we had to make a come back eksena in Pinas. It is because God is good and answered our prayer once again. No more worries about my mom’s visa and Mimay’s environment while growing up because we will all be staying in Pinas for good with God’s favor of giving us secured and stable jobs.

And what’s even more bongga about it is that, being on his job for 3 months only, Poy is now handling 6 cold storage depots in different provinces in the Philippines and promoted as Safety Manager. Congrats bibi ko!!!

Ang galing galing ni Lord!

I still have so many things in mind, but for now, eto muna kwento ko. But before I end this, I want to share to you the latest photo of our baby girl. Ang arte lang. Here she is posing with the Koi’s in Nuvali. She’s becoming healthier and prettier everyday =)

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