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Friday, February 3, 2012


Written: Friday Feb 3, 2012 2200H

Sorry guys, I didn’t keep my promise to post atleast 1 entry a day. It’s been quite a busy week for me at work. Ang daming meetings, orientations, 1 on 1 schedule and many other else. But ofcourse I am thankful I have work. This is the hardest part lang talaga of joining a new team, a new company. Many adjustments are to be made and I have to learn the current set up and processes. Buti na lang I have the nicest boss and colleagues, everything seems easy because of them. And thank God there’s weekend! We always have something to look forward to and breathe.

On a lighter note, today is our 68th bf/gf monthsary. Grabe 68 months! Ang tagal na pala namin ni Poy since we officialy became mag-bibi =) We had a simple celebration in Chik-Boy. Ganyan pag tumatanda na, liempo at barbeque lang eh katalo na sa monthsary celebration haha!

But it’s the thought that counts actually. The fact that Poy still remembers our bf/gf monthsary is already enough, and not just remember ha? It’s a very special day for him too. Mas madami kiss ko from him every 3rd (bf/gf) and 10th (wedding) of the month. Yiiieee!!

This will be a busy weekend for us, well lagi naman. We’ll go to Samsung tomorrow to have our TV checked. We bought it in Dubai and have it shipped here, problem is, some of the channels have no sounds. One of our friends told us to replace daw the cable to ‘gold cable something’, so hubby bought it but still hindi pa din sya ok. I’m a bit worried because we haven’t used the TV since November. Hopefully, sa settings lang ang problema.

And since it’s Mimay’s 34th month birthday tomorrow (Feb 4), we’ll most probably allow her to play in SM while me and Poy eat siomai outside the playhouse while waiting. After that, we’ll try to squeeze in my driving lesson session with husband. He wanted me to learn to drive, I agree basta automatic lang. Goodluck sa kin, I hope I’ll learn. But you know, I really want to drive eversince. I can drive but the problem is pag may kasabay na ko sa daan, ayun nervousness to the next level ang drama ko. So please join me in prayer that I’ll get over the kaba and all.

Then on Sunday, ofcourse we’ll attend the church service in the morning then have our lunch to my lola’s house to visit her and at the same time celebrate my tita/ninang’s birthday there. After lunch, we’ll go visit our future abode in Silang Cavite together with my other Tita’s and my siblings. I’ll make a separate post about it! If we’re friends in FB I’m sure you already had a glimpse of our “dikdik”, that’s how we call our future house. I’ll let you know why on my next post. And since dikdik is just one tumbling away from Nuvali, I’ll treat my family over early dinner in celebration of my first salary in Maxim hehe.

Hiningal ba kayo sa weekend schedule namin? Mas lalo ako haha! Ganyan kami mag rest day ng family ko. Bakit ba kasi hindi nauso dito sa Pinas yung 3 days work lang in a week para rest day yung 4 days. Pag nangyari yun, malamang walang laman bank account namin kasi wala na kami gagawin kundi mag lamyerda haha!

Happy weekend everyone! Take this opportunity to bond with your loved ones! =)

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