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Monday, February 6, 2012


Everyone, say hi to our Dik-Dik =)
This is Benedict “dik-dik” Aguilar, our future abode. We named him Benedict because he is a benediction or a blessing to us. We have long waited and prayed for it and finally, God gave us the capacity to plunge in. At talagang Aguilar din ang surname haha! Don’t look strangely at me, idea ng asawa ko yan. Muntik na din ako himatayin hehe.

Dik-dik is located in The Mandara, Silang Cavite. Just 8 mins from Paseo de Sta. Rosa/Nuvali and 15 mins away from Tagaytay. We learned this place from my dearest kumareng Layds who also got the same unit as ours last year. Dik-dik is not yet built though, lupa pa lang sya. The above picture is the model house but the turn over unit will be exactly like this. After the 50% completion of the equity, itatayo na si dik-dik and we can transfer as soon as the equity is complete. In our prayer, it will be next year pa so we still have ample time to save for dik-dik’s furnitures, appliances and extensions. We are planning to extend the house and maximize the lot area so that we can have an additional room on the first floor, which eventually will become our entertainment room. That’s the only request of Poy, eversince talaga, he wanted to have a space of his own where he can put his speakers, player, TV and many other else. I’m agreeable to it because as much as possible I don’t want to put television in our living room. I’m thinking kasi that if Mimay is going to school already, she will only be allowed to watch TV if she already finished her school works. So kumbaga, it’ll be a reward for her to enter the entertainment room. Unlike if the TV is just in the living room, malamang lagi lang andun si Mimay. Ganyan na ganyan kaya ako nung bata, I should know. And also I want her not to be too much dependent on TV and instead find entertainment in reading books.

Dik-dik has 3 bedrooms and a balcony on the second floor. Balcony is connected to the master’s bedroom so we are thinking to put a staircase from the garage going to the balcony so if ever there are guests, there’s no need to pass our room just to go to the balcony.
Nice the balcony no? Just enough for small number of guests or muni-munihan area namin ni Poy since it’s connected nga to our room.

Sa rooms naman, we’re thinking to connect Mimay’s room to ours. Just a connecting door will do so that in case Mimay will be sleeping na on her own bed, it’ll still be easy for us to hear and see her. But honestly, I don’t care co-sleeping with Mimay until she’s 25 years old. I hope she feels the same thing.

Aside from having my kumareng Lady as a village-mate (phasemate pa actually), what I love most about Mandara is it’s location. As I’ve said, it’s barely 8 mins away from Nuvali which is very much developed already. There’s Robinson & South Supermarket, plenty of restaurants, fastfoods, coffee shops, store outlets like Aldo, Marks & Spencer, Esprit at marami pang iba. A mall will also rise soon. Despite of all these developments, the area is very relaxing. Especially Mandara is set on an elevated location, it’s like breathing fresh air of Tagaytay but having all the above modern comforts.

Poy, Mimay and I can’t wait to finally move in to dik-dik next year.

We can’t thank enough God for making all this happen. All praises to Him!


  1. beautiful home! congratulations! there's nothing like having a house of your own talaga. dik-dik is purrrty. or rather, handsome pala. hehe.

  2. God is our ultimate provider.
    I'm happy for you!

  3. thanks much sissies! god is really good.