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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Allow me to document how we spent our 2011 Xmas. Better ‘super late’ than never, right?
Every Christmas, Poy, Mimay and I usually have a color theme.

Xmas 2009 – White (kami lang pala ni Poy hehe)

Xmas 2010 – Red
Xmas 2011 – Brown 

Since Xmas fell on Sunday last year, ratsada kami to the max. We need to see everyone in the family or else tiyak may magtatampo. You all know naman, star ng family ang aming si Mimay so everyone needs to see her especially on Christmas day.
The morning was spent in our church to attend the morning service. We then went to Mimay’s wowa (my Tita Marith which is my mom’s younger sister) in Calamba, then to my in-laws in Majada, next is to my lola’s house in Parian and lastly dinner with my other tito and tita in my kuya’s house in Cabuyao. Ang hectic ng schedule ng bagets, kaloka!

Just wanna share to you some of the gifts received by our baby girl.

Slide set from Mamee Nani and Dadee Poy: 
Baby Alive from Ninang Melai:

Rechargeable motor from Ninang Chelo and Ninong Dong aka Ninong Derek:

Cash from her Wowa, Ninang Lady, Mama Dolor, Titos and Titas from Majada, Lola Espie (my MIL) and marami pang iba.

Her Tito Ninis will get her a Converse Chuck Taylor as a post xmas gift.

And ofcourse, BDO junior savings account from her Dadee Poy.
We’re so lucky because our Mimay is so much loved by everyone =)

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