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Saturday, February 4, 2012


… ofcourse came from her Dadee Poy.

Dear Mimay anak,

You may not appreciate it at this point in your life so I decided to blog and document this so that when the time comes than you can fully understand things, you will know how much your dadee loves you.

Just so you know, allow me to share a little background lang about me and your dadee’s financial set-up. As per mutual decision, your dad’s giving me his full salary. I just usually give him allowance enough until next payday. So for him to be able to open a personal savings account for you and initially deposit it with P25,000 is really something that made me cry with so much happiness. From his allowance, your dadee was able to save that amount for you instead of keeping it for his own use. It may not be a very large amount, but it comes with a pure intention of telling us how much he values you and our family.

I hope in time, you will realize how much your dadee loves you and how blessed you are for having a father like him. So when you grow up, make him proud anak.
We love you so much baby!
Mamee Nani

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  1. hi nani! happy for your bebe. been wanting to open a separate account for my sophie but to no avail. nainggit ako.

    nice blog, by the way! and thanks for following mine.