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Monday, February 20, 2012


Written: Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 1330H
Days before Valentine’s, I told Poy that we won’t be spending too much just for a dinner on Valentine’s day. Since we’re on tipid mode for the next monthsss because of dik-dik, I told him it would be very impractical to have dinner in a hotel then iisip-isipin ko yung bill after. Ako na, ako na ang kuripot :p Poy kept on insisting na once a year lang naman daw yun just like anniversary so okay lang daw. Well, may point. And it’s very seldom we go out without Mimay, moment namin to so why not make the most out of it.

So with that, I researched and looked for places where we can have a decent dinner. Considering the food, budget, location and ambience, we decided to try the dinner buffet in Vivere Sky Lounge in Alabang. I immediately called for reservation but sadly, they do not accept reservation daw on February 14. First come, first serve daw! Anubayun??! Coming from Gen Trias Cavite, malamang sa malamang eh wala na kaming aabutan na seat on Feb 14. Calling Vivere, I don’t think you should do the ‘first come, first serve’ rule on Valentine’s Day. It’s just so… wrong.

So we changed our plan. February 13, hubby and I had a pre-valentine celebration instead. Bahala na kung saan kami mapunta, what’s important is magkasama kami to celebrate the Love Day. Ayun sa awa ni Lord, na traffic si Poy. May trailer daw na tumaob sa may Alabang bridge. Of all days naman! He came quarter to 8pm in Carmona to pick me up and we decided to go to Festival Mall na lang to have dinner. Upon entering the mall, we saw this newly opened 3 in 1 resto infront of Super Bowl. There were My Thai, Pho-Hoa and Jack’s Loft. Since we both love Thai foods, aprub agad sa min.

Before dining in, we roam around the mall first and told husband that since our Vivere dinner will not push through anymore, I’ll buy him a gift na lang. Smile agad ang lolo mo.

As per his request, I got him this silver necklace. He wanted us to have a matching necklace but I declined.
Poy: Bakit bi ayaw mo pareho tyo ng necklace?
Nani: Di naman bi, basta wag na lang po. Ikaw na lang.
Poy: Tipid na dinner natin bi di ba kaya pwede na tyo bumili gift.
Nani: Hindi bi wag na talaga.
Poy: Wag ka masyado magtipid bi, minsan lang naman to.
Nani: Kasi may papabili ako sayo na black bag, may gusto na ko e, kaya lang kulang pa budget ngaun (grins!)
Poy: Ayun, kaya pala.     

Hehehe. Talaga tong asawa ko, mina-mahina ako haha!

Sharing to you some photos from our Valentine’s dinner. We had large bowl of Pho Bo Kho, caramelized chicken and Kung Pao chicken with peanuts and red chili. We also tried Jack’s Loft fishbowl iced tea na muntik ko na ika lunod.
Our pre-Valentine’s dinner was really simple yet very pleasing because we were able to have that quality time together talking and laughing about anything lang. Since we had Mimay, we rarely go out without her. So I think you can visualize the picture pag nalabas kmi, saway dito, saway doon ang drama namin mag asawa. But that night was different. It was all about us. Parang mag boypren/ gerlpren lang =)

You, how did you guys spend your Valentine’s?

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