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Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the many things I am grateful for in my life are my friends. I have a lot of them. I have friends from my elementary, highschool and college days. I have friends from church, from my previous companies, and of course from Dubai. I’m so blessed for having a lot of real friends in the very sense of the word.

That’s why if you notice, Mimay have super daming ninong ang ninangs. Ang dami ko pa friends na nagtampo ng lagay na yan dahil di namin sila kinuha as Mimay’s grandparents.

So where am I going? Actually, I just want to share one of the best nights in my life so far. This post is long overdue already but nevertheless I am very excited to blog it.  Last Feb 9, right after office hours, Poy, Mimay and I had a dinner date with my long time friends, now kumare and kumpare, in Shakey’s Paseo de Calamba.

I was super happy to see them once again. Abby is a flight attendant in Saudia Airlines while Jhayz is working in Singapore so we seldom meet. But what’s cool about our friendship is, parang kahapon lang kami huling nagkita. No ilangan at all. Tsismisang walang humpay pa din just like the old times.

That night, Mimay was super thrilled as well because she received gifts from her ninong Jabi (Jhayz worked as a store manager in Jollibee before and he usually gives Jollibee stuffs to Mimay, hence Mimay calls him Ninong Jabi). And not just gift ha, gifts talaga. That Hershey’s stuffed toy in our table was one of them. There’s also a huge chocolate bar and a pink Giordano shirt especially for our dalaga.

We all can’t wait for Abby’s beach wedding in December! Makukumpleto ulit ang Jhayz angels because Cha will be coming home too all the way from Canada. Yey!

Jhayz with Jhayz angels, Abby, Nani, Ton and Cha.

Girls/Jhayz, we have to have a pic like this again in December ha? Sa studio ulit haha!

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