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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Written: Friday Feb 6, 2012 2215H

In celebration of my first salary in Maxim (although technically sa Feb 10 pa talaga sweldo ko hehe), I treat my family over dinner in ‘The French Baker’. It’s the default restaurant of Marichee. Btw, Marichee is my most favorite cousin of all. She’s our baby even before Mimay came. Marichee or Nini is the only child of my mom’s sister. She’s so much loved by our family and since magkamalay ang batang yan eh kung saan saang lupalop na namin yan dinala. Since her childhood, she’s not the typical Jollibee or Mcdo baby. Ayaw nya dun, ang dami daw tao. Panakot pa nga namin yun dati sa kanya na pag makulit sya, sa Jollibee namin sya pakakainin. Weird no?

Whenever we’re in mall, either Yellow Cab or The French Baker ang request nya. So it’s really a delight for Nini aka Ninang Chee (she’s Mimay’s ninang) that ‘The French Baker’ opened up a store in Paseo de Sta Rosa. Before kasi, the nearest branch from our place is in SM Southmall pa.

So last Sunday, after our visit to dikdik, the whole gang invades The French Baker.
Obligatory family pic =)

Our orders:

Soup on a bread bowl @ P115 – creamy corn soup in French bread bowl. Yummy! It comes with butter too.

Clubhouse sandwich @ P190 – tuna, cheese, ham and bacon in brown bread for me and my mom.

Beef lasagna @ P180 (ata) – for me and my SIL, Ate Jona. It’s too sour for my taste but Poy liked it, sya umubos.

Carbonara @ P190 (ata din) – this is my ate’s order. Fettucini pasta tossed with carbonara sauce, eto masarap!

Spicy Seafood pasta @ P205 – for my mom. I was choosing between lasagna and this, so I asked my mom to order this instead para I can taste both hehe. This is also delicious. Ako na, ako na ang may order na palpak.

Baked Chicken @ P195 – for Ninang Chee, Poy and my Kuya. This is Nini’s all time fave. And infairness, masarap talaga sya.

Grilled Chicken and Mango Salsa @ P205 (ata) – for Mama Chona. Deboned chicken leg grilled with special BBQ sauce. I love it too!
pardon my kuya's hand hehe
Hickory Spareribs @ P220 (ata) – for my Tita Marith. This is my most fave of all. The pork is very juicy and flavorful. I’ll order this next time.

Not in the picture, is my Kuya Dong’s (aka Ninong Derek) order which is the German Sausage Sandwich with Potato Salad.

Kuya Dong to the waitress: Miss, 1 german sausage sa kin.
Poy: Nagulat ako Kuya Dong eh, kala ko aso order mo. Kala ko german shepherd =)

Baliw talaga asawa ko! Tingin nyo? =)

It was another bundat night for us. Everyone went home busog and happy =)

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  1. we often buy bread there but never tried meals yet! i wanna try the spicy seafood pasta :) i heard that the carbonara is good nga daw but i dont like creamy sauces kasi e.