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Monday, February 20, 2012


Written: Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 0815H
Since we already celebrated the night before the actual Valentine’s Day, I know this day would pass just like an ordinary day for me. Although that morning, I was still somehow expecting a bouquet of flowers from my husband. I cannot remember a Valentine’s day without him giving me flowers. Last year nga, exactly 12 midnight may nag deliver ng flowers for me. Poy’s like that. It may be a simple flower bouquet lang but he makes sure to give it in an extra-ordinary way.

So yesterday when I woke up, Poy just gave me a kiss and greeted me, without the flowers. Bad trip ako. I wasn’t talking on our way to Carmona (he drops me there every morning and we’ll wait for my shuttle service there). I kept on telling myself na wag ako magalit, that I shoud be matured enough for things like this. Kahit walang flowers okay lang, ambait bait naman ng asawa ko. Dapat masaya na ko. Kaso, naiinis pa din ako. Especially when Poy told me this:

Poy: “Bi grabe lakas ng ulan sa Pasig kahapon, di tuloy ako nakabili ng flowers. Baba dapat ako sa may Market Market kaya lang ang traffic na. Wala tuloy ako flowers for you.” I was like, “OH-kay!”

I was not in the mood the whole day, mababaw as it may seem pero masakit eh. Dito oh (points to my heart). I seldom text him that day, but I reply once in a while. I don’t want him to think I’m mad.

6:10 pm, on my way out of the office, I saw my hubby standing outside our lobby holding a bouquet of flowers. I was really surprised! I wasn’t expecting it because Poy works in Pasig while I am in Gen. Trias Cavite. It’s like 2.5 hours travel from Pasig. With my office mates as audience, Poy handed me the flowers sabay bonggang bonggang kiss. Parang shooting lang! Haha!

Here’s the souvenir shot last night. Ehem excuse me, naaapakan nyo po yung hair ko =)
Aside from the flowers, Poy gave me a valentine card with a 2-page hand written letter. Dito talaga ko super touched. I know how busy Poy is at work. I know how many meetings in a day he had to attend and I know how many times he would eat lunch late because he had to finish so many things. But despite of all these, he was able to make and hand write a letter for me, at 2 pages pa talaga. This brings me goosebumps, really. I am just so blessed for having a husband who loves me so much.
I am still in-high right now. I’m sure I’m doing something very good before the eyes of the Lord for blessing me with a partner like Poy.

Syempre, papahuli ba naman ang baby namin? ;)
Happy Valentine’s everyone!

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  1. aaawwww....ang sweet!!! you're so blessed talaga sis! :-)