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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I’ve been on a “no rice & no sweets” diet for almost 3 weeks now. Mainly because I keep on gaining weight since I came here in Dubai with Poy. From 115lbs last April, I became 132lbs came July! Yah that fast! Since then, I became determined to stop gaining weight (at least!) and eventually lose weight (so help me God).

Poy became my personal dietician, he prepares my food from breakfast to dinner and is also my gym buddy. But even before we started this diet program, he promised that I’ll have “cheat day/s” every week. I will get to eat whatever pleases my taste buds during weekends. Wohooo! My man is such a spoiler =)

Last Thursday, as he promised, we went to Dubai City Centre to feast!

First stop, SUBWAY, home of the best subs c/o Russel & Dong ;)
That's me (in gray blouse), ordering my sub!

Nani’s order: Subway Turkey Breast – superb turkey breast on freshly baked wheat bread, perfectly complemented by crisp veggies and yummy mayo!

Next, TACO BELL. Anything with cheese please!

Nani’s order: (1) Cheesy Nachos - crisp, tortilla chips covered in warm nacho cheese sauce. Loveet!; and (2) Chicken Soft Taco - soft flour tortilla filled with marinated all-white-meat chicken, topped with crisp lettuce and real cheddar cheese. Yummy!

For the dessert, COLD STONE CREAMERY, best place for people with sweet tooth like me =) My first choice is really Baskin Robbins’ Jamoca Almond Fudge, but unfortunately under construction yung ice cream parlor nila in City Centre. So we decided to check Cold Stone and we never regret it! From a first-timer customer like us, we give them two thumbs up! Not only ice cream is the best but also the preparation itself that is very unique.

Nani’s Order: Chocolate Devotion – chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge in a “Love It”cup size.
Spoiler husband with her spoiled wife =)

Not only that, my bibi got me couple of blouses and a shirt as well! I’m a spoiled wife nga db? Shirt and blouses from Forever 21 and Max =)

My food pleasure doesn’t stop there =) The next day, after my bibi’s basketball game, we went to our favorite Kabayan café who serves the tempting Mais con Yelo for AED 5 only! (approx Php 62) But I didn’t finish the whole glass ha? I’m kinda guilty na =) But it’s the best mais con yelo I’ve ever tasted. It’s so creamy with lots of corn and cheese.
the "sinful" mais con yelo

At dahil weekly lang ang “cheat day/s” na to, tinodo ko na! haha! After the mais con yelo, I personally made “tukneneng”, the larger version of “kwek kwek”, which is made of boiled chicken egg wrapped in a batter, deep fried and eaten with cooked vinegar, garlic, onions and chili. I so miss Pinas!
These simple things made Nani’s weekend happy! Aside pa from those, I get to spend my Friday off chatting with our adorable Mimay. She’s so into mood! Super dance ang dalaga namin, we really had a good laugh with her super maarteng antics =) We miss her terribly!

I love weekends!

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