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Friday, August 27, 2010


my loving bibi

I love Poy, I so love everything about him. Not just a responsible, loving, patient, caring and sweet husband/father but he is also a very funny man. Di lang nga nya sinasadya maging funny, but still his little imperfections makes him so perfect for me =)

Scenario 1:
While attending our church service, Poy was the one incharge in taking down notes of the message. Since the topic tackles about marriage, one of the points stressed out by the speaker is regarding the financial aspects in a married life.
When I checked his notes, I found this jaw dropping line from my husband's notebook.
"Stop living beyond your WINGS." It took me sometime to figure out what does it mean? I don't remember our pastor shared or even utter this line during our church service. Ano ibig sabihin nun?
Nani: "Bi what does this line means? Ikaw nagsulat nito db?"
Poy: "Ah bi yan yung sinabi ni pastor dun sa topic on financial budgeting. Ewan ko lang ibig sabihin nyan."
Nani think think think...
Ah ok.. now I know na! Getz ko na! I had the best laugh of my life before I told Poy what does it mean..
It should be, "Stop living beyond your MEANS and not WINGS!"
Naloka ko! Kung wings talaga yun, I'll have a lifetime to understand what it means =)
Galing ng bibi ko no? =)

Scenario 2:
This morning, before I got up from bed at around 10am, husband came to me and ask.
Poy: "Good morning bi! Bangon ka na, breakfast time na."
Nani: "Sige bi sunod ako, I want my sopas."
Poy: "Timpla muna kita ng chok chok ay chok chik pala, Ay ano ba yun bi? Chik chok?"

Nani laughing trip in bed.
It's actually none of the above, because it's NESQUICK CHOCO!
Asawa ko talaga, mali mali na =)

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