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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Due to insistent public demand (public daw, e si cha lang naman nag request haha),
here goes the story behind my bibi’s wedding proposal daw? :)

Pero bakit nga ba "Love ko To" ang sub-title? Later in the story you'll find out =)

To start it off, I’m really not expecting a formal wedding proposal from Poy. Kasi di ba the usual proposal is that guy would ask the girl if she can marry him? Eh for us, there is no need for that. Because from the very start we are regularly talking about OUR OWN wedding. So there is no need (I think!) for a proposal.

The serious talk about our wedding started one afternoon while munching YCab pizza in Tagaytay. That was around August 2007, just more than a year after we became an official couple frogs.

Poy: “ang sarap siguro ikasal dito sa Tagaytay no bi? ganda ng view, ang lamig at napaka romantic. Gusto mo bi dito tayo pakasal?”
Nani: “serious ka bi? may budget ka?” (kinikilig)
Poy: “bakit pag wala ko budget di ka pakakasal sa kin?pwede naman sa Jollibee tagaytay ah? Tagaytay pa din naman =)”
Nani: “haha pwede!baka tayo lang 2 ang attendees.”
Poy: “pero serious bibi, gusto ko dito wedding natin.plan natin ha?ayaw mo ba dito?”

(take note: Poy never asked me if I wanted to marry him, instead he asked me if I wanted to get married in Tagaytay. Panalo sa fighting spirit ang lolo mo! Wa nako ma say!)

Nani: “pwede bi, basta ba may pambayad ka, kasi ako wala hehe.”

Pakipot pa daw ako pero right after we got home, super web search na ang lola mo. Never in my dreams that I’ll have my wedding in Tagaytay. It seems impossible but I want to buy my bibi’s idea, malay mo nga.

Since that day, wedding became a usual topic for me and Poy. I’m searching for wedding ideas in the net and we are going to Tagaytay every now and then to check the actual possible venues. So now tell me, is there a need for a proposal? I think it’s funny if he’ll ask me to marry him since it’s very obvious that I really would want to marry him, right? May design na nga ako ng wedding gown ko e =)

Everything is slowly going in place about our wedding preparations. TOTOO NA TALAGA! =)

1. We informed his family about our plans. They are all happy and excited!
2. We told my family, over lunch in Ding Hao to my mommy first (na hindi nalunok ang broccoli sa sobrang pagkabigla), then to my ate (who is very supportive at pinagplanuhan agad ang pag di- diet), to my daddy (as usual cry cry cry the butterfly ang effect), and then went to Indonesia so that Poy can personally ask permission from my eldest brother (who was working there then).
3. Told our thrilled friends and church mates.
4. Started going to Bridal fairs. I super love this!
5. Hired a Tagaytay based wedding planner/ coordinator.
6. Booked some of our wedding suppliers and our wedding venue.

So who would still expect a wedding proposal in this situation? And in the first place, how can Poy even get me an engagement ring e his ATM card is with me? Savings and salary of course haha! So, it really never came in to my mind. Wedding Proposal? Di na uso yan! (nani bitter??haha!)

Came December 1, 2007 (my tgurl’s birthday!mishu cha!), we had a whole day church activity. The seminar ended at 4pm. After the seminar, we headed to Walter Mart Calamba to get some groceries for an overnight swimming/xmas party with our 2 other couple friends, Eon, Leds, Arman & Melai. After more than an hour inside the supermarket, me and my bibi decided to have a quick snack in Mc Donalds since it is the most convenient place to eat considering the grocery bags we need to carry all the way to the resort. Poy ordered our meal and I waited in the table to look over our belongings. As soon as the order came, I saw there’s a little box in the tray together with the fries and drinks. I looked at Poy and asked what it is? He simply smile and opened the box for me, it was an engagement ring! He then said, "bi, marry me" (Take note again: Hindi na naman nagtanong ang loko. As if iniinform lang nya ko haha). But still, I was in awe. My bibi lead a short prayer after he puts the ring on my finger. I almost cried as he embraced and kiss me in my forehead after the prayer.

Now I understand why he didn’t ask the usual “will you marry me?” question, it’s because what he did is not a proposal, but a declaration of commitment as my husband to be.

It may be very simple, but it’s the thought that counts anyway =) The fact that my bibi tried (may effort naman db? fave ko kaya si Ronald McDonalds, biglang naging favorite haha) to do this once in a lifetime experience is more than enough for me to appreciate and love him more and more! It’s not how and where the proposal took place, but it’s my bibi’s sincerity that matters most. I told you, he’s really not good with surprises. See my blog on THE BEST GIFT.

Now you know the reason behind "Love ko To", I love McDo, favorite ko nga db? =) By the way, wondering where did my bibi got the money to buy me a ring? He stole from my wallet! Kaloka!

I can’t wait then to say our vows before the Lord on His chosen date for us, my 24th birthday as well, June 10, 2008, 3:30pm in Josephine Tagaytay =)

Important Lesson for all the ladies out there:

Don’t get ALL your sweetheart’s money, ATM & credit card if the date is approaching your birthday, Christmas, valentines, anniversary and most especially pag nararamdaman mong mag po-propose na sya! How can he get you a nice gift or an engagement ring devah? Wag maniwala sa “if there’s a will, there’s a way!” na kasabihan. Luma na yun day! Manigurado! =)

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