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Monday, August 30, 2010


Mimay knows how to make "sip-sip" na at her age ;p
She loves Ninong Dong!

Mimay this is for you, so that when you grow up, you will have something to read about your kakulitans. Mamee got so many anesthesias in her body when she had CS operation so she might forget all these details when you ask her to make kwento about you when you were a little baby.

Mimay anak,

This morning, I became so much more in love with you because you made Mamee and Dadee so happy with your nakakatuwang mga antics. You are just soooo adorable! Big girl ka na talaga ineng.

You were asked by your Ninang Selo to dance “Apir tayo sumakit ang ulo ko, sumakit ang dibdib ko , sex bomb sex bomb sex bomb.” And you danced it so well! Super apir, hawak sa head, hawak sa dibdib and giling ka to the max anak. We are so proud of you.

Then your Ninang asked you also to kiss Lola Abe, Lolo Tsong, Lola Dolor and Naynay and one by one you come to all of them and gave them a wet-full kiss. You just don’t know anak how you made them all happy with that kiss from you.

Then, Ninang said “Hindi baboy!” you then yelled “guyay!” (should be gulay). It came daw from a commercial and since you watched it, you imitated the lines. It was so cute hearing you said guyay! =)

You were super pasikat to Mamee and Dadee this morning. You were even screaming “Mamee! Dadee!” over and over again. It’s just so good to hear those endearments coming from you. Nakakawala ng pagod at lungkot.

I remember also you’re Ninang told me that they we’re checking out rubber shoes for you. They showed this Adidas and Nike shoes and you were so kilig and super smile =) But when they showed a Dora shoes you said “Yaw!” Hahaha at your young age you have a good taste na anak, I’m so proud of you. But they weren’t able to get you either Adidas or Nike because the sizes available are not fitted for you. You even said daw “Kip!” as they were trying the shoes on you, which of course means “Sikip!”

Then last week, again in Skype, Dadee was making faces to get your attention. I don’t know what’s with your Dadee that makes you really laugh. I’m so inggit =( Your Dadee just widely opened his mouth and you were laughing excitedly! I tried doing the same but you simply smile. Aargh! I’m so jealous! But seriously anak, it’s ok with me. The feeling of seeing you and Dadee playing even just in the laptop monitor makes my heart unexplainably happy. The sound of your laugh made me almost cry! It’s just so good to the ears. Then, when Dadee stopped opening his mouth (maybe his pagod na, ngalay na daw panga nya ka oopen ng mouth), you shouted “Dadee cha pa! cha pa!” which of course means “Dadee isa pa or one more pa!” I can feel your Dadee is more than happy to open his mouth over and over again after hearing that appeal from you. We can never refuse any request from you anak. We always want to see you happy.

Thank you so much for the love and care (spoiling also) of your Naynay, Ninang Selo, Tito, Ninong Dong, Lola Pe and the rest of the family. They love you so much anak that they all willingly embraced you without hesitation when me and Dadee decided to work here in Dubai. But don’t worry Mimay, we will see you soon! 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days more to go anak! Me and Dadee are very very very much excited to hug and kiss you!

Mamee Nani

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