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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We thought it will just be a normal dinner for us. We thought it will just be Jay’s palabok that will be served in our dining table that night. But it wasn’t “just” that! Last night was the birthday celebration of a very special babe in 101’s house, so everything must be, read: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Celebrant: Carleen Lanaca Tanggap soon to be Villapando
Birthday: August 23, 1984
Age: You do the math
In her wish list: Trip for 2 to Thailand (Jay’s deaf ok?haha), Magic sing (iingay sa bahay so next time na lang) and Banana Split (eto natupad yeah!thanks Len & Eric)
Most Loved: Jay? Hindi? Jason Villapando? Hindi talaga yun? E sino, kala ko si Jay?? Ok ok ok! It’s her one and only Regine Velasquez, the person Carleen is very much willing to die for! She’s a forever fanatic! She’s Regine’s long lost sister. Sa house, it’s just so normal seeing Carl crying over Regine’s song number. Carl’s gonna kill anyone who will say anything against the “song bird”. No one’s allowed also to disturb Carl or even touch the TV set if it’s Party Pilipinas na! Don’t dare make a move, Carl will surely cry to death! =)
Everyone was too busy in the kitchen last night to prepare for “a simple dinner” daw. Eto ang simple samin eh, bakit ba? :)

What do we have for the celebrant?

Lyn’s Egg Surprise – boiled egg without the yolk, instead stuffed with sautéed tuna and potatoes. Covered with bread crumbs and deep fried! Hay ang sarap! Served with vinegar (ehem ehem, yan ang contribution ko haha)
Lumpiang Shanghai – prepared and mashed with Nani's, Len's and Carl’s bare hands! Yummy!
Menudo – c/o our ever dependable Ate Yeng. “Next time pinapaitan naman te!” :)
Fried Chicken – secret ingredients by Lyn. 1 thing I know is that Lyn put some of Win’s armpit hair to make it tastier! Nyaam!
Mahal’s Palabok – personally prepared of course by Carl’s one and only Mahal, Mr. Jason Villapando! What makes the palabok more delicious? It’s made and cooked out of LOVE, that’s why! =) Carl is one lucky girl to have a jowa like Jay. He’s a superb cook!
 Cakes- the celebrant had 3 cakes, why 3? It’s because (1)WE (2) LOVE (3) HER!
(1) Jay’s choco mousse with a note that say’s, Happy Birthday Mahal Lov U! That’s really sweet.
(2) Poy’s strawberry cheesecake from M&S. Is it Carl’s fave? Nope I guess. It’s Poy’s haha! My bibi’s so smart to get his fave cake for Carl. Eh di makakain nya din nga naman ang kanyang all time favorite! Brightness! =)
(3) Rhea’s fruity choco cake na binaon pa namin hanggang office. Haha! I have a segway kwento. According to Rhea (which I know is a super honest person), I’m payat na daw! OMG! That makes me really teary eyed haha! Thanks boi for the cake and for your honesty. Muah!

Banana con Yelo – this is the celebrant’s personal pick. She’s been dying to munch banana con yelo, it’s in her wish list nga eh. And Len & Eric made it happen! They even went out at 9pm just to get crushed ice from a nearby café. (by the way, it’s Len & Eric’s monthsary too! congratz soon to be couples. It’s a double celebration!)
And of course the super beautiful ROSES! Do I need to say more? It’s from Jay siempre! =)
Mei and yours truly forgot that we are on diet. Kami DIET? Hindi ah! (hindi daw e we wanted to run to the gym after the dinner.) Tonight is my “pig-out” night na, no more this coming weekend, promise! Even the super conscious idol Yo (na napadaan lang, see his attire haha) e nalimutan ang calorie-counting hobby nya.
What made the night more fun? It’s the 33 lbs Lexie! Though she was crying at first, after sometime ayun super posing na sa camera and is making her “two thumbs up” signature =) And guess what, Lexie revealed something to us!
Lexie in her "Katrina Halili pose" cute!

Ninangs: “Lexie what does Mama and Papa do when the lights are turned off in your room?”
Lexie: since she can’t speak yet, re-enactment ang nangyari! – tumuwad sya! Hahaha! Buking ang parents!

To sum it up, the night was truly fun! Everyone had a full tummy on Regine’s este Carleen’s birthday!
 See the burping and smiling face of the guests? =)

Happy birthday Bendita! Thanks for being a good friend to all of us!
Love yah from the bottom of my heart =)

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