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Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is for my darling Jemimah Philisse so that she has something to read from Mamee and Dadee when she’s grown up already. Since this is my first ever blog, it really inspires me a lot thinking that I will be sharing about our super adorable Mimay.

Facts about Mimay:

Real Name: Jemimah Philisse Cruz Aguilar
Nick Name: Mimay/ Ineng
Conceived Date: July 2008 (a month after mamee & dadee’s wedding)
Birth Date: April 4, 2009
Parents: Vergel “Poy” and Jhanil “Nani” Aguilar

How I knew it’s POSITIVE! :

It was just a usual Tuesday morning in the office. My table mate then who is my kumare now, Malen whispered something to me. She told me she was pregnant. I was like “Ha? Talaga? Ang bilis!” Everyone in the office was teasing me “Nani, naunahan ka pa ni Malen!” I had mixed emotions, I’m happy for Malen but at the same time feeling praning coz Malen was not even married (she’s happily married now with Pareng Ron though) yet tapos naunahan pa nya kami ni Poy! Then I paused and thought, “wait, 9 days delayed na nga din pala ako. Baka ako din buntis =)” I immediately ran to our office clinic and ask for a PT set. Haha brought by inggit! I get inside the cubicle and tried the PT. While waiting for the result, I couldn’t open my eyes because I am too nervous. With shaking hands and thumping heart, I checked the result and YEAH! MATULIS SI POY! BUNTIS NA DIN AKO!! Haha! =)

How everyone knew it’s POSITIVE! :

The first people to know of course are the office nurse on duty (she has to know the result so that I could get the PT set for free hehe) and my office mates in Planning and Engg Dept. I plead them not to squeal it to my hubby. I should be the first one to tell him the Surprise =) He was out of office that day for a meeting. He came at around 3pm. (fyi, Poy was also my office mate that time) I pulled him in one of the meeting rooms and hugged him tight.

Poy: Oh bakit, saglit lang ako nawala miss mo na ko? Musta lunch? Sino kasabay mo?
Nani: (with shaking voice) bibi, buntis ako. Nasa tummy ko na si Liempoy =)
Poy: Ha? Bi d nga? Hindi joke? Yoooon!!! Daddy na ko!! Hahaha yey!!!
With matching super tight hug from my bibi!
Nani: bi d na ko makahinga, tama na hug.
Poy: Ako ang pinakamasayang tao sa buong mundo bi! I love u!

Aaaaw my bibi’s so cheesy! ;) at pakandi-kandirit syang lumabas ng meeting room haha!
Immediately after telling my bibi, I called my mommy. She was at first shocked. I know, I can feel it in her voice. Maybe the idea that her “bunso” will soon have a baby too, made her feel stunned! (mimay, don’t get naynay wrong ok? she’s excited too, u see how she loves u now). Next, I called my sister and told her the good news! She just said “bilis naman!” I know she feels the same way. The idea of nani being pregnant will not be that easy to accept, because for my family, I’m still their bunso.

Symptoms of Pregnancy, Good Girl since Day 1:

Honestly, nothing, nothing at all. I did not experience the usual pregnancy symptoms. Our baby is a very good girl since Day 1 in my tummy. No morning sickness, no vomiting, just little dizziness once in a while. Though, there were just some weird changes that happened to my bibi. He had cravings for cheesecake! Yah, as in cheesecake of all kinds. He can finish 10 cheese cupcakes in 1 sitting =) I always have to make sure Poy has couple of cheese cakes in his office table or else he’ll get tantrums haha! This weird craving lasted for almost 3 months. I don’t know if that craving has something to do with my pregnancy, it just happened, I’m a living witness =)

Pregnancy Difficulties

I really did not experience any pregnancy related problem except for a long queue to my OB every check-up =( But it is surely an easy problem a pregnant woman can have. I am indeed blessed to have a healthy pregnancy all throughout. I actually enjoyed every minute of being pregnant. Why?

1. I’m more spoiled to Poy. I super loveeet!
2. I’m so spoiled to my family as well. Walang naguutos nyahaha!
3. I can easily escape from work. I just told my boss I’m not feeling well, ayos lusot!
4. I can get to buy new clothes and still be in fashion despite of my big tummy.
5. I have so many reasons to go to the mall. Buying things for baby but at the same buying things for my own ;)
6. I can get to eat whatever I wish, except for food/drinks with caffeine.
7. I get to experience a preggy photo shoot! Below is our shoot when I’m on my 7th month.

Names for our Baby

Even before we get married, we have talked about the name for our future baby. We really wanted a boy and we would call him “Liempoy”. Named of course after my husband and because he loves pork liempo too. I think that explains well why we wanted “Liempoy”. But his real name would be Prince Josef (pronounced as Yosef), PJ in short, which stands for our initials Poy and Jhanil. But we are also prepared incase our baby will be a girl. We will call her “Mimay” because we really wanted the name Jemimah. She is the prettiest daughter of Job in the bible. J in Jemimah is my initial too so it’s so perfect! We’re just thinking of the other name that will start with P. Our choices were, (a) Princess – too common, talo sa family voting, (b) Phoebe – hindi bagay sa Jemimah, (c) Philisse/ Pylisse – suggested by my sister and since it sounds “kakaiba”, go lang! =) So it’s either PRINCE JOSEF or JEMIMAH PHILISSE. Can’t wait then to have my 3D ultrasound to confirm our baby’s gender.

Knowing our baby’s gender

Everyone in the family is so excited to know our baby’s gender. 2nd OB check-up ko pa lang, they are all asking na of baby’s gender. Came my 4th month check up, my OB, Dr. Salvador had seen images that my baby is a girl. We were a bit disappointed at first because we really wanted a boy. But my mommy on the other hand is very happy. She wanted a girl as her first apo. After another month, it’s confirmed, we’ll be having Mimay and not Liempoy. I realized, mas ok nga girl, I’ll teach her how to put blush and lipgloss kaya I became more excited =)

See Mimay’s photos on her 7th month in my tummy. The 3D ultra sound experience was such a very unforgettable experience for me and Poy. Nakakaiyak pala when you get to see the face of your baby. Mas nag sisink-in lahat na wow may baby talaga sa tummy ko =)

And the countdown begins!

Weeks before our angel is born, me and my bibi decided that I should quit my job in Sumiden. Lagi kasi ngarag sa work so we thought na mahihirapan lang ako and I may not be able to take good care of Mimay. So I had a deal with hubby that he will allow me to get a job again when Mimay turns 6 months. Hay mas nakakainip hintayin ang paglabas nya since I don’t have anything to do sa house except to eat, sleep, read pregnancy books and wait for my bibi. Super excited na ko to see and touch our angel. Every morning I made sure to have a 20mins walk, preparation daw so that I’ll have an easy and smooth NORMAL delivery. I’m a very obedient pregnant so super walk talaga ang lola mo.

Came April 3, 2009, I had my OB visit and he told me that I’ll give birth soon. Wow mas super excited na ko talaga! But I told my baby “anak you can come out na but not tomorrow ha? Wag April 4, I don’t like that date kasi it’s mamee and her ex’s anniv. Dadee will get mad (tinakot anak e)”.

That same night, we are scheduled to spend the night in my sister’s house in Sto. Tomas Batangas. We had our usual dinner and slept at around 11pm. During one of my toilet trip, I saw a blood stain in the toilet bowl and it’s already 1am. “anak naman, sabi ng wag ngayon. April 4 ngayon e!” Then I felt lower back pain and contractions. “Luka-luka talaga tong anak ko, sabi ng wag ngayon!” I immediately ask my bibi to wake up because the pain is in regular and shorter intervals. “Waaah why naman April 4 pa, of all dates grrrr!”

Here SHE comes!

April 4, 2009, from 1am, I cannot sleep anymore because of my frequent toilet trip. And the pain is not leaving my lower back. My bibi’s massaging me and is making me feel relaxed. Around 6am, we went to the hospital. My family kinda panicked and immediately prepares to follow us in the hospital.

At the ER, the nurse checked na 4cm na ako. OMG I’m so nervous, I have read and heard different frightening stories of women giving birth. Nerbyosang frog pa naman ako!

We came 6:30 in the hospital and since then, super sakit na talaga. I cannot explain the labor pain. Eto pala yun! I almost broke my bibi’s hands sa sobrang tight ng paghawak ko sa kanya. Aside from prayers, I feel secure and safe when I’m holding him.

8:30 am, the nurses transferred me to the delivery room. 7cm na daw ako! I’m almost crying na because of the pain. It’s really unexplainable. I appreciated my mommy more because the labor pain I’m feeling that time is not a joke. Dr. Salvador’s wife (both husband and wife are OB), came to see me and motivated me to relax and be calm. I’m a little hysteric na kasi, sakit kaya :p

When I’m almost 10cm, the pain is soooo unexplainable whew, she asked me to push hard. After 20 years, ayaw pa din lumabas ni baby =( Dra. Said, my pelvic is too small for my baby’s head. Cone head na daw si Mimay so we better decide fast, I need to have a CS!

Nani: “whaaaat?? 10cm na ko Dra tapos iC-CS pako?"
Dra: “sweetheart, your pelvic bone is too small. Nahihirapan na din si baby mo.”

Imagine that? 10cm na ang lola mo and super sakit na talaga tapos iC-CS din pala ako! Huwaaaah!! What did I do to experience all this!

They called my husband immediately and asked him to sign a form that he’s allowing me to have a caesarean section operation.
Poy: “bi musta? CS ka na ha? para di ka na mahirapan.”
Nani: “go bi! kahit ano na, sobrang sakit na talaga. Basta don’t forget to take mimay’s photo ha?” (hehe picture pa din)
Poy: "bi i love you, kaya mo yan ha?makikita na natin si ineng =)"
Biglang singit si nurse...
Nurse: “ma’am relax lang po muna kayo, hintayin lang natin anesthesiologist”
Nani: “where is he? Ang sakit sakit na! “
Nurse: “malapit na ma’am, mga 20-30 mins po. On the way na si dok.”

Another huwaaaah!!! Lukaret na nurse to! 20-30 mins is like 10 years of waiting because of the so much pain and yet she's so relax as she told me to wait. Wala man lang motivation.

Nurse: “ma’am wag po kayo malikot baka mahulog kayo sa bed.”

How I wanted to kick and kill that nurse! Super nakakaloka! If I only have the strength naku talaga!

After 2000 years, dumating na si anesthesiologist. I was transferred to the operating room and can’t remember anymore what happened. I don’t know if it’s because of the anesthesia given to me or because of exhaustion.

I’m still groggy when another nurse came to show Mimay to me. She’s indeed the most beautiful creature God has ever created.

All the grueling hours spent were all worth it. I almost forgot the lukaret nurse, the pains brought by contractions, etc. What I know and feel is that I’m so grateful because God blessed me and Poy with a healthy and beautiful baby. We give Him back all the praises and glory!

Jemimah Phillisse Cruz-Aguilar
April 4, 2009 - 11:25am

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