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Sunday, August 15, 2010

SAKTO! Poy and Nani Love Story

“Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pagibig, maghintay ka lamang ako’y darating, pagka’t sa isang taong mahal mo ng buong puso, lahat ay gagawin, makita kang muli...”

Oo na jologs, cge na jologs na nga kasi, bakit ba? Feeling Heart and Echo ang drama namin e. But kidding aside, this song had an impact to us since day 1 me and Poy met. Kainis lang Panday theme song din kasi! :)

April 2005, days after my college graduation, I am uberly excited to find a job. I am now a full pledged Inhenyera, yeeehah! =) Gone are my Letran days, I am now very much ready to face a new chapter of my life. During one of my job hunting days, I came to pass an electronics company in LISP 1, Cabuyao Laguna. I gave my CV to the guard in case they have vacancy for an IE post. The following day, this same company gave me a call and scheduled me for an exam and interview. I had couples of interviews na before that pero iba yung feeling ko talaga sa First Sumiden. May something talaga.. I said to myself “dito ako magwowork!” When I got inside the hall, there is a tarpaulin which states my fave bible verse. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future.” Another sign from Papa Jesus! =) Kaloka ang mga interviews na pinagdaanan ko, nose bleed kung nose bleed. Days after my 5th and final interview, I didn’t receive a call from the HR. I was a bit disappointed. Tumbling ako sa interviews tapos di pala ako matatanggap. Sadness talaga pero I remember my mommy said “kung para sayo talaga yan, sayo talaga yan”. Then one afternoon, I got a call from Sumiden. So it only means, Sumiden is really for Nani. Sabi ko na e! =)

Since then, First Sumiden became very special to me. I get to meet new people, new responsibilities and of course new friends. I never thought Sumiden will be extra special to me because this is the place where I will meet the bestest husband in the whole wide world!

We are both in a long term relationship then, both are settled that we are going to end up with our current partners. Not until we saw each other. The world really stopped for me when I first saw Poy’s eyes. (we were wearing face mask inside the plant, that’s why hehe) I never felt that before to any guy, only to him, just to him. Yes it was physical attraction at first but it became deeper when I got the chance to meet him. He’s the most sensible guy I’ve ever conversed with pero super patawa din at the same time. Since then, we became the most popular “love team” in the company. Hot item ika nga nila, laman ng bawat chismisan. Simply because everyone knew that we are both in a relationship. But knowing Poy became a big realization for me. I missed so many things in my life. I was too tied in a relationship that’s not making me happy, pinaglalaban ko lang all the while kasi nanghihinayang na lang ako sa pinagsamahan. I gave up my BF then not because of Poy but because I want to be happy. And it’s the same thing with Poy, even before he met me, his relationship with her GF then is very rocky which eventually made it easier for them to fall apart.

After couple of months, he started courting me. I was a little hesitant, I am afraid of what people might think to us. We were not even an official couple pero susme ang dami ng chismis and I’m not used to that. Kulang na lang e ma-feature kami sa showbiz magazine. But Poy is really different, he is such a wonderful guy. He made everything light and easy for me. He made it easier for me to decide to love him back MORE.

June 3, 2006, 8:00pm, Puerto Galera, we became an official couple.

We became more popular after that. Haha! Showbiz na showbiz! Kesyo finally daw e inamin din namin. Well, we just told ourselves “bahala kayo mag-isip. mas alam namin ang totoo.” Now you know why we ended up with that theme song. “Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pagibig” ang drama namin ni Poy. Dami kasing mga inggiterang frogs. Pero madami din naman ang naging happy for us, especially my Sumiden friends Albert Tablan, Wie Ramos, Malou de Leon, Melody Camacho at marami pang iba. (ayan ha special mention pa kayo)

June 10, 2006, my 22nd birthday, it’s Poy’s first time to meet my family. We were both nervous as my family still doesn’t know anything about Poy. I can still remember Poy’s pale face when I introduced him to my family. But God is really good, my family welcomed and accepted him well. Next thing we know, kasama na sa mga family outing namin si Poy. He also became my constant church buddy.

 My family with Poy in SGP

 Since then everything went well in our relationship. I love his family too! Super babait nilang lahat and made me feel part of the family na. Months passed and it’s like I’ve been with Poy for years. He is such a great guy, very loving, sweet, loyal, supportive, generous, understanding, humble, obedient, and a God fearing man. I don’t know if there is such a thing, pero sobrang SAKTO kami ni Poy. Parang mangga at bagoong, suka at chicharon, malamig na coke sa mainit na panahon =)

Cebu 2006 

Exactly 2 years after the first time he met my family, Poy again made one my greatest dream happen. The wedding of my dreams! =) We tie the knot in Josephine Tagaytay on my 24th birthday, June 10, 2008. 2 months after, God blessed our union with a news that I am 1 month pregnant. Yey!

 Poy is my Knight in Shining Armour! He made me realize that there are so many things in life to be grateful for. He saved my life from regrets. He made me feel super special and loved. We are both indeed BLESSED to have each other. I am enjoying every day of my life as Mrs. Jhanil Aguilar.

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